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F.P. Walshe school adds incentive to Terry Fox Run fund-raising

F.P. Walshe school students have added incentive this year to collect pledges for the Terry Fox Run.
Teachers and student council members have agreed to some outrageous activities if the school raises certain amounts of money for the Terry Fox Run on Thursday, Sept. 26.
The fund-raising challenge is titled “Terrify the Teachers for Terry 2013.”
Student council representatives Carlin Van Driesten and Raj Parmar have agreed to kiss a barnyard animal if fund-raising reaches $400.
Staff members have agreed to stage an unusual fashion show if students raise $500 in pledges.
Teacher David Orr has agreed to wear a different wig each day for a week if fund-raising reaches $600.
Teachers Francina Doyle and Susan Stacheruk and Kristi have agreed to let a student do their hair and make-up and wear it all day if $750 in pledges is collected.
Teachers Duane Petluk, Peter Lavorato and Travis Bevan have agree to have their goatees dyed pink and sparkly if students raise $800.
Teachers Chris Schalk, Blair Yanke and Craig Patton will drink blended Big Mac meals from McDonalds if students raise $900.
Teacher Michelle MacMillan and Marli will dye their hair platinum blonde if fund-raising reaches $1,000, and principal Bill Forster will wax his legs.
Teachers Sarah Duncan and Kyle Blood have also put their heads on the line, agreeing to shave half their hair if the students collect $2,500 in pledges.
If fund-raising reaches the magic number of $5,000, Duncan and Kyle will have their heads completely shaved.
The student who raises the most money gets a ride in assistant principal Randy Bohnet’s Austin Healy.
The top three fund-raisers each get a large pizza.
The name of every F.P. Walshe school student who raises money for the Terry Fox Run will be put in a draw for the right to help with the challenges.
F.P. Walshe school will host its annual run at 2 p.m. Thursday and this year invited students from W.A. Day and G.R. Davis schools to take part.
Prior to the run, Terry Fox’s uncle will speak to the students. Community members are also invited.

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