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Fish and Game plans for clubhouse, archery range

Fort Macleod council wants to learn more about the plans of the town’s Fish and Game Association.
Council decided May 13 to invited Fish and Game president Monty Brauer to a future meeting.
That decision was made after council reviewed a letter from Brauer asking for a 10-year lease to help the club improve Fish and Game Park.
Brauer in his letter noted the club’s five-year lease of Fish and Game Park is set to expire.
Rather than renewing for another five-year term, Fish and Game wants a 10-year lease.
“The reason for this is we have some long-range plans which go well beyond a five-year time frame,” Brauer wrote. “Extending the lease period makes sense given the scope of our plans.”
Those long-range plans include building a clubhouse at Fish and Game Park and turning part of the ball diamond into a storage and staging area.
Brauer told council the first stage of the project is a 1,600 sq. ft. clubhouse in which meetings and other club functions will be held.
The club will store records, equipment and display trophies and photographs in the clubhouse.
In the project’s second phase a 200 sq. ft. addition will be built to house an indoor archery range.
“We have been aware for a number of years of the need for a facility like this and we are confident that once built it will attract archers from many miles around,” Brauer told council.
“There is no similar facility in the region and our research indicates that it would draw regular visitors from the surrounding towns in southern Alberta and even beyond that for the archery tournaments we will be organizing,” Brauer added. “We fully expect every weekend to be busy.”
The facility would have a commercial kitchen the club expects would be used by other organizations in Fort Macleod and by groups holding reunions.
The club has discussed with Town of Fort Macleod municipal manager David Connauton a two-inch potable water feed into Fish and Game Park to provide water for the clubhouse and the two camping areas.
The club has also looked into electricity and sewage service for the park.
Brauer told council South Country Fair will support Fish and Game’s grant applications.
“We are very excited about our plans for the future and are optimistic about the potential this represents for our organization and for the town,” Brauer added.
Coun. Susan Koots said she is concerned about an organization putting a new building on Town of Fort Macleod property.
“Are they aware we have a couple of halls that are currently not used?” Koots asked. “I think it would be worth discussing it with them.”
Connauton suggested inviting Brauer to a finance committee meeting to discuss Fish and Game’s plans.
“I think their intentions are well and good here but I think it’s certainly worthy to ask a few questions,” Mayor Shawn Patience agreed. “I think it would be good to have Monty come in and discuss this.”

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  1. Karie Marsh Says:

    I would like to know when these meetings will be happening as I will be one of the archers that may be using these facilities. Please keep in mind a building with a less than 20 yard shooting lane is useless to any archer. And if you want to attract any outside of the area archers your building will need 50 yard shooting lanes!!!