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Fort Macleod residents asked to conserve water during flood

David Connauton

Town of Fort Macleod municipal manager David Connauton uses his cell phone to photograph the flooded River Valley Wilderness Park.

Flood water spills

Flood water spills over Highway 811 into River Valley Wilderness Park.

Fort Macleod residents are asked to ease off on water use while the Oldman River continues to rage.
Residents are urged to turn off automatic sprinklers and take other measures to reduce water use for the time being.
Town of Fort Macleod manager David Connauton said Friday reduced water consumption will ease pressure on the water treatment plant.
“We need to conserve badly,” Connauton said Friday as he observed flooding in River Valley Wilderness Park. “We’ve got so much turbidity our intake has to be limited because our system just can’t keep up.”
Town of Fort Macleod employees were going around town Friday asking people to turn off their automatic watering systems.
Connauton said people do not have to worry about drinking the water.
“The water is fine,” Connauton said. “It’s still safe so we don’t have to worry about that.”

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