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Get more than knowledge as reward for reading paper

The Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) wants rural Canadians to make their views known by participating in an on-line research panel.
Participants are rewarded for their time to complete on-line surveys and receive points which can be redeemed for various rewards.
As well, all panelists are entered for a sweepstakes draw every quarter for a new Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Canada is made up of hundreds of small towns and communities that more than six million people call home.
Community newspapers are the heart of these non-urban areas, providing an essential service and connecting readers with the information they need about what is happening in their neighbourhoods.
Readership research confirms that 74 per cent of Canadians are avid community newspaper readers.
The strength of the industry is its local credibility and exclusive reach into hundreds of non-urban markets across the country.
Because of Canada’s vast geography, it can be difficult for advertisers to find a cost-effective way to reach Canadians living outside of metropolitan centres.
Many companies are turning to on-line research panels to learn more about Canada’s smaller communities.
While on-line panel research is growing in popularity, panel providers are often faced with a lack of representation in non-metropolitan markets — typical panel composition is 90 per cent urban and 10 per cent non-urban.
The CCNA is responding to this challenge with an innovative new project titled “Connecting to Canadians with Community Newspapers.”
“By harnessing the power of community newspapers and partnering with an established panel research company, the association’s goal is to increase the number of online panelists based outside of urban areas,” CCNA director of research Kelly Levson said.
Levson said rural readers have a chance to make their opinions heard so that marketing decisions are not solely influenced by people residing in urban markets.
“Without the voice of people in smaller communities across Canada, marketers tend to defer to what they hear from urban residents,” Levson said.
For information on the rewards available for your time, go to
Readers will notice advertisements in their community newspaper from now until the end of March recruiting on-line panelists. To sign up on-line go to