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Granum Grade 9 students honoured at grad ceremony

ellen potvin

ATB Financial branch manager Ellen Potvin presents the Granum Grade 9 class photo to student McIvor Kennedy.

granum grads

Granum school’s Grade 9 grads, from left: Callum Connor, Colton Guest, Lim Hofer, McIvor Kennedy and Ryan Fjordbotten.

maureen chambers

Maureen Chambers was guest speaker at the Granum school Grade 9 grad.

mcIvor kennedy

Principal Ronalee Orr embraces McIvor Kennedy, who received the Red and White Award.

ronalee orr

Principal Ronalee Orr addresses the Grade 9 grads at Granum school.

Five students were honoured Friday as they take the next step in their education.
Callum Connor, Ryan Fjordbotten, Colton Guest, Liam Hofer and McIvor Kennedy are the Grade 9 grads at Granum school.
Family, friends and teachers gathered at the school for the Grade 9 graduation, which had the theme “The Journey of One Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step.”
Guest speaker Maureen Chambers, who taught the grads in Grade 4-5, urged the students to make the most of their lives.
“If you use the gifts you were given, work hard, follow your hearts, you can do anything you want,” Chambers said.
Chambers told the students not to let the fear of failure deter them from trying new things and doing what makes them happy.
“I have found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks,” Chambers said. “Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. You’ve got to take risks.”
Principal Ronalee Orr praised the five young men who will leave Granum school for high school.
“This is a great group of guys,” Orr said.
Orr said each of the students has a depth of character and strong values that made them an important part of school life.
“You really have to get to know these guys to appreciate who they are,” Orr said. “There is so much under the surface.”
Orr reflected on the theme of the graduation ceremony, and urged the students to take the next step into a new place and environment.
“What does it take to take that first step?” Orr said. “I think the answer is courage and confidence.”
McIvor Kennedy received the Red and White Award for the student who bests reflects Granum school mission statement.
Ryan Fjordbotten received the Minor Ball Athletic Award.
Callum Connor received the Art Fjordbotten Award for most improved student.
Ellen Potvin, manager of the Granum branch of ATB Financial, presented the class photo.
Kiana Rondeau and Brandon Crane served as masters of ceremonies.
Kevin Beggs introduced the grads to begin the ceremony.
Callum Connor thanked the school board, with a reply given by trustees Kelly Hall and Charlene Dunlop.
“Anything is possible if you strive to be the best you can be,” Dunlop told the grads.
Colton Guest thanked the Granum school council, and Wendy Kennedy gave the reply.
McIvor Kennedy thanked the teachers, with Lori Austin giving the reply.
“It has been exciting to watch you learn, grow and mature,” Austin said, adding the teachers are proud of each of the five students.
Ryan Fjordbotten was charged with thanking the parents.
“They have supported us throughout our lives, through good times and bad,” Ryan said.
Suzanne Fjordbotten gave the reply, noting parents do everything they can out of love for their children.
There was a Powerpoint presentation featuring photos of the grads, and a presentation to the parents.

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