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Macleod urged to donate items for RCMP residence

A new residence at the RCMP training centre at Regina will have a distinct Fort Macleod flavour.
Residents have responded to a call for art, photos and memorabilia to decorate the residence, which will be named after Fort Macleod.
“We have had a number of people come forward,” said Gordon MacIvor, who is spearheading the drive.
The RCMP is building four new residences to be named after forts, including Fort Macleod.
The building consists of seven 32-person dorms, three classrooms, two syndicate rooms and an open area.
Fort Macleod Mayor Shawn Patience last month put out a call through The Macleod Gazette for donations of art work and items.
“Everyone I have spoken to is fully aware of it,” MacIvor said. “Now it’s a matter of people bringing the art work or photographs to the Allied Arts building because time is marching on.”
The Allied Arts Council has agreed to receive donated items at the Fort Macleod Arts Building on Main Street. Items can be dropped off on weekday mornings.
The Empress Theatre Society has donated its 100th anniversary print created by artist Jocelyn Thomas.
MacIvor said other people, including Chester Davis, Henry Hagen and George Kush, have indicated they have items to donate.
The Town of Fort Macleod is also providing copies of historic photos it has on display in the Town Office.
“It’s a broad cross-section of the community of Fort Macleod,” MacIvor said.
Historical paintings and photos are welcome, as well as more current work.
“What we’re trying to do is to personalize it,” MacIvor said. “The cadet residence has our name on it and we should be very proud of that and honoured.”
Cash donations are also being accepted to pay to have some work, including painting and drawings by Grade 4 students at G.R. Davis school, mounted, matted and framed.
MacIvor said decorating the residence is intended to remind the cadets of Fort Macleod’s prominent role in the history of the Mounted Police.
Fort Macleod was the site of the first North West Mounted Police fort in this part of Canada in 1874.
“Fort Macleod is the ancestral home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,” MacIvor said.
The new residence will officially be opened May 23, followed by a regimental dinner that evening at RCMP Depot.
The Regimental Dinner will commemorate the 140th anniversary of the North West Mounted Police March West to Fort Macleod.
Fort Macleod residents are invited to join a local delegation that will travel to Regina for the grand opening and regimental dinner.
The deadline for people to donate art work, photos, memorabilia and cash is Tuesday, April 30.
For information contact Gordon MacIvor at 403-850-3377.

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