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Macleod urged to join community garage sale

Fort Macleod residents are urged to unite this weekend for a community-wide garage sale.
The sale gets under way at 4 p.m. Friday, June 14 and continues Saturday, June 15.
Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce agreed at its monthly meeting Thursday to promote the event in conjunction with the 12th annual antique sale and show.
Jodi Litle pitched the idea to Chamber members as a way to generate more activity in Fort Macleod and possibly get more people to the antique sale and show.
“It’s not really my idea,” Litle said. “It’s all of my friends.”
Litle said community-wide garage sales are held with success in other towns.
Getting people across the community to stage their garage sales on the same day creates a critical mass that attracts large crowds of buyers.
Litle suggested promoting the community-wide garage sale as a first time event, and solicit feedback to make it bigger and better in future years.
“Your best customers if you’ve got any antiques or anything collectible will be the antique dealers,” Chamber president Terry Daniel said.
Litle said the garage sale will complement the antique sale and show.
“I think it’s a great idea having it all at once,” Litle said.
People are encouraged to put up balloons to promote their garage sales.
The plan came together with little time to get the word out, but people are encouraged to take part.
The community-wide garage sale will be advertised in The Macleod Gazette, on posters and on Facebook.
“Then next year we can build on it,” Litle said.
That could include a map with garage sales that register in advance and greater promotion outside Fort Macleod.

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