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Quinton Crow Shoe earns Alto Ambassador Award

quinton crowshoe

Tourism, Parks and Recreation Minister Dr. Richard Starke, 2013 Alto Ambassador Award recipient Quinton Crow Shoe and Mark Ruel authority director, air service development and industry relations for award sponsor Calgary Airport Authority.

Travel Alberta has recognized Quinton Crow Shoe for his work promoting tourism in the province.
Crow Show received the 2013 Alto Ambassador Award for his contributions to the tourism industry.
“The Alto awards celebrate excellence in Alberta’s tourism industry and demonstrates our commitment to growing our province’s tourism industry,” said Dr. Richard Starke, minister of tourism, parks and recreation. “Whether attracting visitors or inviting Albertans to explore their own backyards, the finalists demonstrate the hospitality and dedication that make Alberta a must see destination. I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.”
The 50-year-old Crow Shoe has served as marketing and events co-ordinator for eight years at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.
The Alto Ambassador Award was presented Oct. 28 at Banff.
“It was a very memorable moment for me,” Crow Shoe said.
The Alto Ambassador Award recognizes the work Crow Shoe does at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, as well as his overall efforts to promote tourism in Alberta.
“This is a great distinction, recognizing your outstanding leadership role both at Head-Smashed-In . . . and within the broader tourism industry,” Alberta Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk noted.
The nomination recognized the work Crow Shoe does to organize and market special events at the buffalo jump interpretive centre.
First Nations drumming and dancing on the interpretive centre’s pavillion, the 2010 visit by the Olympic torch relay and the Rick Hansen Man in Motion 25th anniversary tour are examples of the special events.
Crow Shoe also promotes Head-Smashed-In and southwestern Alberta in other places. He travelled with representatives of the Empress Theatre to London, England to promote tourism in the area.
Prior to joining the staff at Head-Smashed-In, Crow Shoe spent 17 years at the Napi Friendship Centre in Pincher Creek, where he encouraged aboriginal youth to embrace their heritage, traditions and Blackfoot language.
Crow Shoe is now chair of the Piikani Youth Education Foundation.
Crow Shoe was also part of the Crow Show Family Drummers and Dancers who performed during the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.
Crow Shoe organized First Nations drumming and dancing at the Canmore Nordic Centre in 2012 and was indigenous tourism moderator at the fifth International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Edmonton.
“Your consistent demonstrations of commitment, professionalism and spirit of ambassadorship have all led to you being honoured with this award,” Klimchuk added. “As a respected First Nations member, a committed community volunteer and a valued Alberta Culture employee, you are recognized as a compassionate advocate and promoter of culture tourism in Alberta.”
Crow Shoe’s counsel is sought by tourism professionals and has attended industry events such as Canada’s West Marketplace and Rendezvous Canada.
The award nomination noted that Crow Shoe has engaged First Nations youth and elders in programs that have strengthened relationships in southwestern Alberta.
“Your leadership and accomplishments in this area are truly remarkable,” Klimchuk noted. “You model collaboration and partnership within Alberta’s travel trade industry, and encourage awareness, understanding and appreciation of Alberta’s history.”
“Your enduring contributions to the provincial tourism industry and the ambassador spirit makes you an excellent role model.”