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Rene Gendre to lead Fort Macleod council

rene gendre

Rene Gendre is the new mayor of Fort Macleod.

Voters were in the mood for change Monday.
Fort Macleod elected a new mayor in Rene Gendre, who received 489 votes to finish ahead of Shawn Patience with 457 and Susan Koots with 139.
Newcomer Mike Collar led the council voting with 668 votes, followed by fellow newcomers Brent Feyter with 632, Keith Trowbridge with 588, Michael Dyck with 570 and Trish Hoskin with 476.
Gord Wolstenholme, with 472 votes, was the only incumbent re-elected.
Former councillor Mike Bourassa, who was trying to return to council, got 471 votes to finish seventh.
A recount is under way today (Tuesday) due to the small margin between Hoskin, Wolstenholme and Bourassa.
Defeated candidates were incumbent Sharan Randle with 419 votes, former community peace officer Werner Dressler with 375, incumbent Donna Houston with 328 and challenger Ted Buzunis with 304.
Voters also opted for change in the MD of Willow Creek, where John Kroetsch beat incumbent Ed Neufeld 89-64 in Division 2 and Maryanne Sandberg beat incumbent Phil Wakelin 167-111.
Incumbents councillors Henry Van Hierden, Earl Hemmaway, Ian Sundquist, Glen Alm and Neil Wilson were returned by acclamation.
At Granum, newcomers Barin Beresford and Nina Shimp topped voting for the five council positions with 183 and 140 votes, respectively.
Incumbents Birthe Berger, 97, Shirley Murphy, 93, and Jerry Brown, 87 were returned.
The new Granum council will choose a mayor at the organizational meeting.
Defeated candidates are John Connor, 68, Zoria Harrison, 67, Walter Gripping, 54, Herb Pitchko, 53, Leonard Kultgen, 25, and Sandra Danyluk, 24.

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  1. JIM TILBE Says:

    Mayor Rene Gendre

    October 26, 2013
    Fort Macleod, AB
    Jim Tilbe
    152 Hamptons Park NW
    Calgary, AB T3A5A6

    Dear Mayor Gendre,

    Firstly let me congratulate you on your election victory and please also congratulate the successful six councilors, Mike Collar, Brent Feyter, Keith Trowbridge, Michael Dyck, Trish Hoskins and Gord Wolstenholme, who were selected, on Tuesday.

    My name is Jim Tilbe and I was born in Macleod in 1937, graduated from high school in 1956 and I still love the town of Fort Macleod. I graduated from U of A with a degree in Electrical Engineering and worked for Shell Canada for 32 years, in several locations in Western Canada and in Australia & Scotland. I never lost my connection with and love of the town of Fort Macleod.

    I have helped organize five high school reunions since 1986 and I’m still on the Board of the Riders of the Plains Commemorative Troop Association (ROTP) that developed the restoration of the NWMP 1884 Barracks to its present state.

    I read your Bio in the Macleod Gazette, which I subscript to online, and I’m impressed by your qualifications and you background. I can see your stated goals as a positive for the town.

    I’m concerned for the long term viability of the town, particularly when the highway bypass cuts the town off for the “moving world”. This is the time to prepare for this eventuality, in my opinion.

    I think that tourism is a primary element in this preparation. The “Fort” has been a calling card, to a degree, and the board and staff have down a very good job in keeping that site moving forward. However the “Fort” is aging, like us all, and will need major work or replacement at some time.

    In my opinion the best venue for the fort replica would be on the site of the 1884 NWMP Barracks. I have mentioned this before, but the time is getting close to a change.

    While working on the 1884 Barracks project we had discussions with both Native Nations and both indicated that they would be prepared to set up a replicate village depicting their ancestral life style.

    There is certainly lots of room at the site for such a combined facility and in a location that would, in its self, attract attention, before the bypass is developed.

    The Barracks will meet with deterioration unless it is constantly maintained and even further developed, even though there is some use of the property by a school. I used to play in many of the original building, as a child, and I would hate to see the loss of the work that has been done so far.

    A progressive council would share this vision, even though they have several other items to resolve. I urge you to strongly consider this vision and move forward on making it come to fruition.

    In the 1921 Census for the town there were 1715 residents, 919 males and 796 females. When I was growing up the population seemed to stay around 3300, excluding the WWII period. The population has not grown much over my 76 years, due I think to a lack of attraction to the town for business and tourism. It is in part a “Reverse Bedroom Community” with several people who work in Macleod and live in Lethbridge, like some teachers and RCMP officer, to name two.

    I respectively submit this letter for your consideration and look forward to positive moves forward in the town.

    Again congratulations and good luck in the next four years to you and your council.

    Yours Respectively

    Jim Tilbe