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Santa Claus Parade had a big drop in donations

Calgary Stampede Show Band.

Donations are critical to help the Fort Macleod Santa Claus parade committee brings bands such as the Calgary Stampede Show Band.

Fort Macleod residents were not in the Christmas spirit last year when it came to cash gifts for the Santa Claus Parade.
Council learned Jan. 14 donations to the parade committee totalled $22,473, down from $30,786 last year.
The news came to council in a letter from Santa Claus Parade co-ordinator Sue Risser.
“It was a very positive letter,” Town of Fort Macleod municipal manager David Connauton said. “The only negative or unfortunate part was donations were down so they had to dip into reserves.”
Coun. Sharon Monical, who represents council on the parade committee, said the group had to dip into reserves for the 2012 parade in November.
Unless more donations are forthcoming, that will have an impact on the 2013 parade.
“It might make a difference on how many bands we can get,” Monical said.
The 2012 parade cost $35,366, including $23,073 for transportation, food and an honorarium for each of the eight bands.
With the exception of the drop in donations, Risser in her written report told council the 2012 parade went well, with many entries and a strong turn-out of spectators.
“The committee and town office staff was knowledgeable and willing to help with whatever was needed,” Risser told council. “The committee has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how do to it. They were willing to help me with all the tasks and were wonderful with their ideas and excitement.”
“The committee is dedicated to giving the Town of Fort Macleod and the surrounding area a wonderful experience. I have learned so much from each of them and am grateful for their input and support.”
Risser told council the parade had 130 entries, which matches the number in 2011 for the parade’s 30th anniversary year.
The Calgary Stampede breakfast wagon set up in the former Scougall Motors lot on Main Street and served more than 600 people.
Admission was by donation and the parade committee and A-T Children’s Project, which helped served breakfast, each received a $557 donation.
“All in all this year and the parade were a great success,” Risser concluded.
Deputy Mayor Susan Koots agreed.
“Sue and the committee do an awesome job,” Koots said.

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