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School board freezes pay for another year

Livingstone Range School Board will receive no pay increase next year.
Trustees agreed June 11 to a zero per cent increase for 2013-’14 after a presentation by associate superintendent of business services Jeff Perry comparing trustee pay across the province.
Perry noted it is difficult to compare because different jurisdictions use different methods to pay trustees.
In Livingstone Range, Perry explained, trustee pay is based entirely on the work done, including travel time. That is, trustees are paid an hourly wage of $28.64.
The Alberta School Boards Association has gathered information about trustee pay, and Perry shared with the board what trustees are paid on an annual basis.
Provincially, the honoraria ranges from a minimum of $11,173 to a maximum of $19,621.
In Livingstone Range, the honoraria ranges from a minimum of $12,683 to a maximum of $14,439.
Provincially, the average expenses per trustee are $6,852, while in Livingstone range they are $7,770.
The total average provincially is just less than $50,000, and just greater than $50,000 in Livingstone Range.
Finally, benefits are difficult to compare because in Livingstone Range some trustees receive no benefits while the maximum benefits for a trustee are about $5,000.
The total average provincially, is $22,500, while in Livingstone Range the total is about $23,000.
Trustee Dick Peterson said the negotiated settlement with teachers contains no pay increase over the next two years and suggested the board follow suit and also take no increase.
Board policy dictates an increase based on the Alberta Weekly Earnings index unless the board determines otherwise.
Trustee Shannon Scherger said she has found it uncomfortable tying any raise to a provincial average. Instead she would like to set all four years of pay in advance in September to have predictability.
Other trustees concurred and agreed to send the suggestion to the board’s policy committee for review.
The board then approved a motion for no increase in trustee pay in 2013-’14.

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