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Willow Creek MD to buy two emergency transport vehicles

The MD of Willow Creek will buy two emergency transport vehicles for about $250,000 less than budgeted.
Council was advised Aug. 21 by emergency services manager Travis Coleman the municipality had budgeted $550,000 but the final cost for two units will be $300,000.
Coleman said the vehicles are “pretty much ambulances” with the same equipment inside.
One will be deployed with the Claresholm Fire Department while the other will go to the Nanton Fire Department.
The Fort Macleod Fire Department already has an emergency transport vehicle.
Coleman pointed out he has heard Claresholm will go down to one ambulance on evenings and weekends starting Oct. 1, meaning from Friday night to Monday morning there will be just three ambulances in the MD of Willow Creek.
That means these emergency transport vehicles will be used more and more.
“It’ll keep our ratepayers safer,” said Coleman, adding there is full support from the fire departments.
“Our firefighters are on board,” Coleman said.
The $550,000 came from the provincial government’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative capital grant funding.
Council decided to take the $250,000 savings and put it back in for other projects to be determined later.

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