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Blood Tribe housing manufacturing factory to reopen

A housing manufacturing facility will reopen, creating 40 jobs on the Blood reserve.
Blood Tribe Housing has engaged ATCO Sustainable Communities to support the re-opening of the 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, owned and operated by the Blood Tribe to build housing for community members.
ATCO will provide management and operations support to complete 24 townhouses for the community by March 2015.
This initiative follows the successful completion of the Saipoyi community school expansion by ATCO for the Blood Tribe in March 2014.
“We are pleased to support the Blood Tribe’s initiative,” ATCO president Boris Rassin said. “This is a wonderful opportunity to share ATCO’s expertise with the Blood Tribe and assist with their development of an ongoing manufacturing facility that will benefit the community in many ways.”
The re-opening of the manufacturing facility will provide up to 40 full-time positions in management and production for local community members who will work alongside ATCO personnel in a job-shadowing program.
The long-term goal of this program is to encourage the professional growth and experience of community members.
“This collaborative effort with ATCO will help us meet some immediate housing needs for our members as well as create a number of employment opportunities,” Blood Tribe Chief Charles Weasel Head said. “The re-opening of this facility will also allow us to plan long-term housing projects for the community and offer our services to other clients who have shown an interest in our products.”
ATCO combines the company’s modern construction technologies with its long history of forming aboriginal partnerships to build facilities that reflect a community’s cultural values while offering shorter timelines and reduced costs.
By offering a design-build solution, the company can economically provide any facility a community may need, ranging from offices, schools and daycare centres to residential housing, hockey arenas and gas stations.