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Bouvry Exports invests in Fort Macleod Kids First Family Centre

An early Christmas gift from Bouvry Exports last week boosted fund-raising for the new $2-million family centre at W.A. Day school.
Claude Bouvry donated $25,000 to Fort Macleod Kids First Family Centre in recognition of support his company receives from his employees and the community.
“I was absolutely thrilled,” Kids First director Susan Simpson said.
The donation from Bouvry Exports pushed Kids First’s fund-raising for the new centre to $69,315.
The Bouvry Exports donation came just in time for Kids First to apply for a Community Facility Enhancement Program grant from the province.
If the grant is approved, it will match the $69,315 that Kids First has raised since the project got the go-ahead last spring from Livingstone Range School Division.
Simpson and Kids First volunteer Conrad Van Hierden met with Claude Bouvry and other Bouvry Exports officials to discuss the family centre project.
The family centre will be built as part of the modernization project under way at W.A. Day school.
The family centre will allow Kids First to unite all of its programming in one place and will include a community kitchen, a room for the preschool program and a gross motor skills room for parents and children.
Simpson said the Bouvry Exports donation will almost pay for the preschool room on its own.
Kids First has also received a pledge of $250,000 over three years from the Town of Fort Macleod. Kids First hopes to leverage that donation along with support from the Town of Granum into a Community Partnership Program grant from the province.
The $69,315 that forms the CFEP grant application includes $5,000 from the Rotary Club along with other contributions.
“The majority of it is from employers in Fort Macleod who understand we need young families here,” Simpson said.
Conrad Van Hierden helped Kids First make contact with businesses.
“I thought anybody employing people would have an interest in Kids First Family Centre and how it could attract young families to Fort Macleod. “We hope to talk to more business people,” Van Hierden said.

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