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Fort Macleod council cancels public skating to accommodate Minor Hockey

There will be no public skating at Fort Macleod and District Sports Centre on Friday, Nov. 14
Council agreed to a request from Fort Macleod Minor Hockey to cancel public skating to accommodate the schedule of a tournament.
Council postponed a decision on cancelling the Friday night public skating slot for three other hockey tournaments.
Coun. Michael Dyck raised the request at the Oct. 27 council meeting.
Dyck explained Minor Hockey wants the Friday night slot so tournament organizers can schedule a game.
That will allow the tournament to end earlier on Sunday, which addresses a concern expressed by parents of visiting teams.
Parents have said they don’t want tournaments lasting until Sunday night, particularly when they involve younger children.
Dyck said Minor Hockey plans to hold four tournaments this season, the first of which begins Nov. 14.
The other tournaments being Dec. 5, Jan. 9 and Feb. 6.
Coun. Brent Feyter cautioned council it was not a decision they should make lightly.
“A lot of people come into town on Friday night to go skating,” Feyter said.
Feyter said people are used to the Friday night schedule, and any interruption will not be welcomed.
Feyter suggested reducing public skating on those Fridays to 45 minutes as a compromise.
Dyck then made a motion to cancel public skating on Friday, Nov. 14, Friday, Dec. 5, Friday, Jan. 9 and Friday, Feb. 6.
Feyter wondered whether the request had been shared with the Hansen’s Family Foods, the long-time sponsor of public skating in Fort Macleod.
“Has anyone talked to Family Foods,” Feyter asked. “It would affect them.”
Dyck noted a previous council has already agreed to cancel public skating on Sundays to accommodate Minor Hockey tournaments.
Coun. Mike Collar questioned cancelling public skating to accommodate Minor Hockey.
“Are the ones who go public skating the ones who can’t afford (to play hockey)?” Collar asked. “And then we take it (public skating) away from them.”
Deputy Mayor Trish Hoskin said it was a challenging situation.
“This is tough call,” Hoskin said. “Because it cancels public skating for the whole weekend.”
Council decided to cancel public skating on Friday. Nov. 14 since the tournament is so close.
Council will seek public feedback before deciding whether to cancel public skating to accommodate the tournaments in December, January and February.

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