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Fort Macleod council reviews plan to upgrade Barracks Trail

barracks trail

Town council is considering a nearly $600,000 plan to upgrade Barracks Trail at the west entrance to Fort Macleod.
Doug Mickey of MPE Engineering Ltd. appeared as a delegation at the Sept. 8 council meeting to present a proposal.
Mickey told council that along with Town of Fort Macleod chief administrative officer David Connauton he met with business owners on Barracks Trail.
They presented the plan, which calls for upgrading of the road from 21st Street to 19 Street, as well as landscaping to beautify the area.
“In my opinion, it was very well received,” Mickey said.
Mickey said comments from the businesses, which include the Sunset Motel, A&W Restaurant and PetroCanada were incorporated into the plan shown to council.
Mickey said one of the key comments he received was that business owners are “more than ready” to have the road upgraded.
The business owners also indicated they would like the work done before June 15 or after the Labour Day long weekend, outside their peak season.
Mickey added the preferred time for construction is from September to freeze-up.
Mickey told council people were excited to have better traffic flow and control, as well as a more inviting entrance to their businesses.
“They were all in general agreement about developing parking on the north side of the road and limiting parking on the south side,” Mickey said.
The plan presented by Mickey totalled $584,000 including trees, shrubs, irrigation and a post-and-cable fence.
“It’s up to council to decide if they want to spend this much money,” Mickey said.
Connauton told council the project would not go to tender until January.
“It gives council time,” Connauton said.
Council discussed the proposal later in the meeting.
Connauton said the improvement to Barracks Trail is one of many possible street projects the Town of Fort Macleod could undertake.
“I think what we’re going to have to do is list all the projects,” Connauton said of establishing priorities for spending.
Coun. Gord Wolstenholme agreed it would be useful to see a list.
“You’re not going to be able to do all of them,” Wolstenholme said.
Connauton said improving Barracks Trail would benefit Fort Macleod.
“I think it would be a really cool project,” Coun. Brent Feyter said.

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