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Fort Macleod Playground Committee seeks MD of Willow Creek council’s support

The Fort Macleod Playground Committee is inviting the MD of Willow Creek to participate in their latest playground project.
Angie O’Connor led a delegation of committee members who appeared at the April 23 council meeting to discuss the work they have done.
Committee chair Jill Burrows explained the committee was established in 2008 and has partnered with several organizations including the Town of Fort Macleod, Elks and Rotary Club.
The committee has already raised $110,000 to refurbish one park; $25,000 for a natural park; and $75,000 toward the first phase of Centennial Park.
A total of about $76,000 is remaining.
O’Connor said that number was further reduced by a donation from the Fort Macleod Lions.
O’Connor also said the committee has done a lot of fund-raising.
“We’re putting in lots of effort and the community’s been great,” O’Connor said.
About $202,000 has been raised already.
On May 14 the playground part will be built, while in July the spray park part will be put in.
Council was presented with estimated usage numbers, which showed about 60 per cent of children are from Fort Macleod while the other 40 per cent are from the MD of Willow Creek.
The committee is also selling sponsorships for memorial picnic tables and benches.
Council deliberated after the delegation left.
“That committee has done a huge amount of work,” Coun. Maryanne Sandberg said.
Coun. Henry Van Hierden compared playgrounds to arenas, noting there are a lot of rural users.
The MD of Willow Creek has funded arenas, and recovered the costs through a special levy on ratepayers in that particular town’s recreation area.
Van Hierden then suggested $40,000 to $50,000 for the project.
MD of Willow Creek chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti said she could prepare a tax report for a three-year levy starting in 2015 to recover $50,000, and council agreed.

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