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Fort Macleod school enrollment declines

Enrollment in Livingstone Range School Division decreased from last year, but increased from the enrollment projected by school administrators in the spring to the point declining enrollment has almost levelled off.
Associate superintendent for business services Jeff Perry presented the final enrollment at the board’s Oct. 14 meeting.
“We’re in a better position than we have been in the past,” Perry said.
The total enrollment is 3,395 students and has declined by 51.5 full-time equivalent students from last year.
“That ends up being 1.5 per cent,” Perry said, contrasting that with the average two per cent decline over the past five years.
Enrollment has increased 88 students over projections.
“”It’s good news,” Perry said. “Most communities have experienced lesser decline or even growth.”
Enrollment is calculated with each student from Grade 1-12 counted as one full-time equivalent (FTE) student, and Kindergarten students each counting as 0.5 FTE students.
The final numbers break down as follows:
Fort Macleod
• W.A. Day school has 278.5 students, down 6.5 from projected, and down 17 from last year.
• F.P. Walshe school has 357 students, down 28 from projected, and down 30 from last year.
• Outreach Central has 47 students, down three from projected, and down two from last year.
• Granum school has 73.5 students, up 29.5 from projected, and up 34.5 from last year.
• West Meadow elementary school has 275 students, up 16 from projected, and up 10 from last year.
• Willow Creek Composite high school has 335 students, up 11 from projected, and down 38 from last year.
• Outreach North has 16 students, up 11 from projected, and up one from last year.
• Stavely elementary school has 65.5 students, up 5.5 from projected, and up six from last year.
• A.B. Daley school has 198 students, 5.5 more than projected and down 6.5 from last year.
• J.T. Foster school has 203 students, down three from projected, and up six from last year.
Pincher Creek
• Canyon school has 247 students, up 23 from projected, and up 8.5 from last year.
• Matthew Halton high school has 276 students, up one from projected, and down 16 from last year.
• Outreach West has nine students, up three from projected, and down six from last year.
• Livingstone school has 180.5 students, eight more than projected, and eight less than last year.
Crowsnest Pass
• Horace Allen school has 186 students, up 3.5 from projected, and up 3.5 from last year.
• Isabelle Sellon school has 136 students, up eight from projected, and up 15 from last year.
• Crowsnest Consolidated high school has 298 students, up five from projected, and down four from last year.
• Outreach West has nine students, down three from projected, and up six from last year.
• Colony schools have 204.5 students, 1.5 more than projected, and down 14.5 from last year.

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