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Fort Macleod’s historic laundry building set for demolition

laundry building

The Town of Fort Macleod has an application for a demolition permit for a former laundry that was in the heart of Fort Macleod’s Chinatown.

A building with ties to Fort Macleod’s past could be demolished.
Larson’s Tire Shop has applied for a demolition permit to knock down what is known as the old Chinese laundry building.
Research is under way before the permit is issued by the town.
Development officer Rhonda Day plans to contact heritage conservation staff with the historic resources management branch of Alberta Culture.
Day is seeking advice on the ability of the town to issue a demolition permit for such an old building.
Day said Monday she also wants to hear from people in Fort Macleod if there is interest in somehow preserving the building.
The building is located in an area which was once the core of Fort Macleod’s Chinatown, which was made up of three or four buildings on the corner of 25th Street and Third Avenue.
The O.K. Laundry building was home to a variety of businesses including a store where herbs were sold and a garage,
Happy Leong ran a laundry and boarding house and the building was subsequently taken over by York Chow. Lee Ping and his grandson operated the business until 1968 when Larson’s bought it for storage.
Contact Rhonda Day at 403-553-4425

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  1. Bob Henry Says:

    Maybe the building could be moved to Pincher Creek ….at the Kotani Brown Museum or to Heritage Acres ??

    Best of luck,

  2. Bob Henry Says:

    Another idea I thought of is to contact the Galt Historic Railway Park. They might want to relocate the Laundry to their site. Every city, town or hamlet, across Canada had a Chinese Laundry.


  3. Pat Greenaway Says:

    Relocate to Fort Musem as part of early settlers history