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Alberta Premier Rachel Notley ‘very proud’ of NDP’s early record

Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley

Alberta’s New Democrat premier is pleased with how her government performed during its first session in the Legislature.
Premier Rachel Notley listed her government’s accomplishments Thursday during a news conference.
“We’re building the plane while we’re flying it,” said Notley, quoting a staff member’s take on the NDP in government. “We really didn’t have much of a transition into government. That’s why I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish as we become airborn.”
The New Democrats have been in power since winning the provincial election on May 5.
Their first two-week session in the Legislature wrapped up last week.
“There’s a lot of stuff that makes me feel pretty proud,” Notley said
Notley listed her party’s accomplishments, including apologizing for the failing of previous government’s to act on behalf of children being abused in Indian residential schools.
The NDP during its first session in power also called for an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.
Notley also cited the ban on corporate and union donations to political parties during elections.
“This effort was supported unanimously in the House,” Notley said. “An all-party committee will now work to thoughtfully and transparently further review democracy and transparency in Alberta.”
The inclusion of Liberal leader David Swann to work with the New Democrat government to improve mental health care was another highlight cited by Notley.
The corporate tax increase and the introduction of a progressive income tax system were also accomplishments listed by Notley.
Notley cited the government’s move to cancel a $1-billion funding cut and reorganization of Alberta Health Services.
Notley also referred to the Interim Supply Bill that added $624-million to education, health care, advanced education and human services.
The review of climate change policy introduced Thursday was another highlight.
“What I hope is that through this conversation we will end up with a conrete plan that is realistic, that is the product of well thought-out negotiations between all the critical players that are impacted by the plan, that shows progress,” Notley said.
Notley promised more to come in a royalty review and plan to raise the minimum wage.
“These past two weeks have been busy and we’ve accomplished a lot,” Notley said. “We have followed through on key promises we made to Albertans and we charted a course for a strong, stable majority government to continue this work.”
“We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am very proud of these first steps,” Notley said. “I’m very much looking forward to returning in the fall when we bring in the first budget and the first full legislative program under our new government.”
“But I will say that given we have been in power for a month, I am very proud of our record.”

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  1. Darcy Steele Says:

    Is Notley proud to have a convicted criminal as a Chief of Staff for the Status of Women portfolio?