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Brad Toone elected chairman of Livingstone Range School Board

Livingstone Range School Board elected a new chairman and vice-chair for a two-year period.
After a secret ballot at its June 23 meeting, trustee Brad Toone was elected chairman, and trustee Shannon Scherger was elected vice-chair.
Toone won out over trustees Shannon Scherger and Clara Yagos.
Before voting, each nominee said a few words about why they should be chair.
“I’m super-excited to be part of a team,” Scherger said.
Scherger described the role of chair as an enabler ensuring everyone is melded together as a team.
“Strategically I think we’re in a really good place,” Scherger said, pointing to the divisional priorities the board recently adopted.
“We can start working on that strategic leadership piece,” Scherger added, noting the board can work toward and monitor the division’s goals.
Toone expressed his appreciation to everyone for supporting him as he learned his role as vice-chair over the past year.
“Everyone was very supportive,” Toone said.
Toone went on to say the board has experience and support no matter who the chair is, and they will move forward on the division’s goals.
Yagos congratulated Toone and Scherger for putting their names forth for chair, because democracy needs people running for positions.
Yagos said education is embarking on the unknown with the use of media and the new flexibility of school schedules.
“Look at someone who has the experience,” Yagos said, regarding what to look for when choosing the chair. “No matter who gets in, we’ll work together as a team.”
After Toone’s election, the board chose a vice-chair.
Scherger and trustee Lori Hodges put their names forth for that position, and said a few words as well before voting.
Hodges said this is her fourth year on the board.
“I feel I’ve grown with this board and learned a lot,” Hodges said.
Hodges likes the strategic direction of the board, and would like to contribute more in a leadership role.
Scherger reiterated many of the same points she made earlier, but added she is passionate about education and the direction the board is heading.

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