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Foothills favours Conservative John Barlow; Canada elects Liberal government

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John Barlow

John Barlow

Conservative John Barlow crushed the opposition in Monday’s federal election, but his party didn’t fare as well.
Barlow won his seat as Foothills MP by a margin of close to 38,000 votes, but his party was knocked out of power by a majority Liberal government.
The Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, elected 189 candidates.
“My message to you tonight my fellow citizens is simple,” Trudeau said. “Have faith in yourselves and in your country. Know that we can make anything happen if we set our minds to it, and work hard.”
Barlow’s party won just 99 seats while the New Democrats claimed 44, the Bloc Quebecois claimed 10 and leader Elizabeth May retained the Green Party’s only seat in Parliament.
A total of 17,559,353 Canadians or 68.49 per cent voted out of a possible 25,638,379. It was the highest turnout for a federal election since 1997.
The Liberals received 6,930,136 votes on Monday or 39.5 per cent of the popular vote.
The Conservatives got 5,600,496 votes, or 31.9 per cent of the ballots cast. The New Democrats landed 3,461,262 votes, or 19.7 per cent ot the total cast.
According to the Elections Canada Web site, Barlow received 46,107 or close to 76 per cent of the total 60,927 ballots cast.
Tanya MacPherson of the Liberals placed second in the Foothills riding with 8,149 votes, or 13.4 per cent of the total cast.
New Democrat candidate Alison Thompson received 3,918 votes, followed by the Green Party’s Romy Tittel with1,982, Libertarian Cory Morgan with 426 and the Christian Heritage Party’s Marc Slingerland with 345.
Close to 74 per cent or 60,927 of the 82,380 registered voters turned out Monday in the Foothills riding.
That’s a huge jump from the 2014 by-election Barlow won in the former Macleod riding, which forms the majority of the new Foothills riding.
In that by-election, just 18,324 voters out of more than 92,000 registered turned out.
In the 2011 election, 51,635 people voted, out of 84,182 who were registered.
Barlow was one of 29 Conservatives elected in Alberta, along with four Liberals and one New Democrat.
Trudeau praised Stephen Harper for his dedication
to Canada and service in public life, and promised to work with Conservatives.
“Conservatives are not our enemies,” Trudeau said. “They’re our nieghbours. Leadership is about bringing people of all different perspectives together.”
Trudeau also urged New Democrats to take heart after falling to third place.
“Our country needs citizens who are committed — like you,” Trudeau said. “Our country will be stronger for it.”

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