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Fort Macleod Skating Club to showcase skaters’ talent in ‘Frozen On Ice’

chelsey joel

Chelsey Joel is in her third year as coach of the Fort Macleod Skating Club.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and other characters from the Disney movie Frozen will make an appearance this week at the Fort Macleod and District Sports Centre.
The Fort Macleod Skating Club presents “Frozen On Ice” at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 14.
“Frozen, as popular as it is, also works for a figure skating show,” coach Chelsey Joel said. “It should be exciting.”
“Frozen On Ice” will tell the chronological story with group routines and solo numbers.
The club’s young skaters are buzzing as the day of the club’s big carnival approaches.
“They’re pretty excited about it, which is good,” Joel said.
Joel, 20, who is in her third year of coaching, wanted to tell a story during the carnival rather than just presenting a series of routines by the skaters.
“Each performance will be a theme in the story,” Joel said. “It should be exciting. It takes a little more work than just going with a theme.”
Lisa Bassett will skate a solo as Elsa, Alexa Scott will solo as Anna and Trinity Ludviksen will solo as Olaf — all popular characters from the movie.
“I’m excited for them,” Joel said of the soloists, particularly Alexa and Trinity, who will be skating their first solos. “It’s the first time they’re on their own on the ice. As a soloist, the spotlight is on you.”
The club’s three coaches will take on the personas of Anna, Kristoff and Hans for a performance.
“It will be a goofy, fun number,” Joel promised.
The carnival is the
“It’s a fun night,” Joel said. “We’ve always supported carnival as being a fun night.”
“There’s definitely a lot of nerves among the older groups. They are pushing themselves to do things that are tougher for them. To show things to a crowd that they are not 100 per cent confident but they’re doing well, is nerve-wracking.”
The Fort Macleod club has 28 skaters of various ages and abilities.
“We’re on the smaller end of it, but it’s still a pretty good size for Fort Macleod,” Joel said of the club.
Goals are set for the skaters at the outset of each season, and the coaches have been pleased with the progress that has been made.
“They’ve come really far this year,” Joel said of her young charges.
One of Joel’s own goals as coach is to instill in the skaters the same love of the sport that she had as a member of the Fort Macleod club.
Although she loved skating, Joel didn’t grow up thinking she would become a coach.
Jesse Smith, a Fort Macleod member who competed at the national level and who later coached, convinced Joel she should consider coaching.
“I didn’t for a long time,” Joel said. “Then I started doing more dance and partnering with Jesse. He was the one who planted the idea of being a coach. He was like, it’s perfect. You get to do what you like and you get paid for it.”
When she was 17 and in Grade 12 Joel took two coaching courses and became the Fort Macleod club’s coach.
She has continued to hold the reins while in her first two years of studies to become a nurse.
“I really love skating,” Joel said. “I would love to get back into my own skating too. Whether through coaching or my own skating, I hope to be on the ice for a very long time.”
The carnival features a special appearance by the Lethbridge Ice Angels Synchronized Skating Team.
“I remember watching them as a really young skater and thinking it was the coolest thing,” Joel said. “I always loved synchronized skating.”
Joel and the other coaches are excited to expose their young charges to synchronized skating as another aspect of the sport.
“Skating has always been looked at as not a team sport, but synchronized skating brings in that team aspect,” Joel said.
“Frozen On Ice” opens with “Snowflakes” featuring Starskaters Alisha Larson, Brynlee Van Sluys, Esther Bond, Kacee Larson and Karli Coast.
“Ice Gatherers” is next featuring power skaters Brent Coleman, Chase Provost, Cohen Larson, Hayden Provost, Jaylee Skog, MaryAnna Smith and Nathan Coast.
Next up is “Snowmen” featuring Canskaters Carter Chester, Hailey Chester, Leighton Provost, Rowan Ragan, Shelby Melting Tallow and Tucker English.
Following Alexa Scott’s solo, Canskaters Charlie Brobbel, Job Brobbel, Nathan Brobbel and Shannae Smith will skate in “Princess and Princess Ball.”
The Ice Angels perform, followed by coaches Chelsey Joel, Cassidy Cox and Jaime Carey.
The program resumes after intermission with Canskaters Charter Chester, Charlie Brobbel, Job Brobbel, Nathan Brobbel, Rowan Ragan, Seth Brobbel, Tucker English, Autumn Scott, Hailey Chester, Leighton Provost, Scarlett Nielson, Shannae Smith, Emma Van Straaten, Helen Van Straaten, Kyler Provost, Maryanna Smith and Shelby Melting Tallow in “Wolves and Princesses.”
Lisa Basset skates her solo, followed by Canskaters Autumn Scott, Scarlett Nielson, Seth Brobbel and Tucker English in “Reindeer.”
Trinity Ludviksen skates her solo, followed by Canskaters Emma Van Straaten, Helen Van Straaten, Kyler Provost, MaryAnna Smith, Scarlett Nielson and Shannae Smith in “Ice Queens.”
Starskaters Alexa Scott, Alisha Larson, Brynlee Van Sluys, Esther Bond, Kacee Larson, Karli Coast and Trinity Ludviksen skate as “Rock Trolls,” with the Ice Angles closing out the carnival.
Joel has advice for her young skaters based on her years skating with the Fort Macleod club.
“Have fun,” Joel said with a smile.

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