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Fort Macleod town council postpones discussion of organizational review report

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Phase 2 Final Report

Town council has tabled until June 16 discussion of the final report from the second phase of an organizational review.
The Phase 2 report by Western Management Consultants was on the agenda of the May 11 council meeting, with administration recommending it be accepted as information.
Council was reluctant to do that.
“In my opinion, not all of it can be implemented at this time,” Coun. Mike Collar said.
Mayor Rene Gendre said by accepting the report council is not indicating that it agrees with the contents.
Administration reminded council it engaged Western Management Consultants to do the review in two phases.
The first phase was a review of the Town of Fort Macleod’s organizational structure and key business practices.
The second phase was intended to develop job descriptions for three senior management positions recommended in the first phase of the review.
The second phase was also to develop a business planning and budget process model as well as a stakeholder engagement process.
The consultants in the second phase were also to review municipal services and develop a catalogue of the cost of those services; recommend a new standard report format for council; and present a plan for implementing recommendations from the review.
The Phase 2 final report did provide job descriptions for the proposed directors of operational, corporate and protective services positions recommended in the review.
“For the town to move forward in a progressive manner the consultants believe the creation of these new management positions will provide the CAO with additional support to assist council in implementing the strategic priorities identified in the new strategic plan and to plan and implement service improvements to key town services,” the report stated. “Without these positions the CAO will have less ability to identify and make the requisite changes to position the town for success.”
The report stated that at a minimum the directors of operational and corporate services should be hired immediately.
The consultant also laid out problems with the salary structure in place with the Town of Fort Macleod, with the electrical foreman being paid as much as the chief administrative officer.
The Phase 2 final report included a four-year planning cycle.
“Implementing the new planning cycle will align with council’s new strategic plan and will identify opportunities to provide resources to achieve strategic priorities,” the report stated.
Using best practices for municipalities, the consultants developed a process in which stakeholders — including the public — will be engaged.
“Adhering to a consistent stakeholder engagement protocol will help the town engage stakeholders at appropriate times and in appropriate ways,” the report stated.
With regard to the fourth task of a high level review of municipal services by the consultants, the report stated: “The consultants conducted a high level analysis of the finance and public works functions identified by the CAO to determine if the town is providing relevant services consistent with organizations of comparable size. The consultant observed that there is considerable room for improvement in financial and operational services planning that can be addressed with appropriate management input and oversight.”
The consultant noted that while the water and waste water plants operate under a comprehensive work plan and schedule, that was not the case with public works. That supported the consultant’s recommendation for hiring a director of operations.
The report also recommends the Town of Fort Macleod look at outsourcing operation of its water and waste water plants to solve staffing issues, as other municipalities have done.
The consultant also recommended the Town of Fort Macleod look at either outsourcing or selling its electrical wire business to generate revenue that could be used for other municipal purposes. The report stated that regulation of the electrical industry has eroded any benefit of the town owning the electrical wires business.

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