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Freedom Singers to perform at Willow Creek Gospel Jamboree fund-raiser in Fort Macleod

freedom singers

The Freedom Singers are on tour through Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. in November and December

A trio of Romanian refugees will bring an inspiring story of faith in God to Fort Macleod early in December.
The Freedom Singers will perform at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4 at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod.
The concert is a fund-raiser for the annual Willow Creek Gospel Jamboree in Granum.
The Freedom Singers, who have performed at the Willow Creek Gospel Jamboree, are Simon Ivascu, Steven Ivascu and Wesley Pop.
The three men left Romania as teenagers, fleeing their home country’s mandatory military obligation.
Romania required all young men to join the army following the completion of high school.
The two Ivascus and Pop did not want to join the army, where their freedom to worship as Christians was totally restricted.
The three teenagers knew they would face years of imprisonment if they refused to join the army for their Christian beliefs.
The Freedom Singers tell a story of danger and hardships endured as they left their home land for Italy.
The Ivascus escaped in a locked and sealed container, spending two weeks in blazing heat and total darkness while it sat at the dock waiting to be loaded.
The Ivascus ran out of food, water, oxygen and even hope and were preparing to die inside the shipping container.
“Once again, God provided another of many miracles in this incredible real life story of faith and perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds,” The Freedom Singers wrote on their Web site.
The three men began singing together following their arrival in Italy.
After hearing southern gospel on television, the men fell in love with the music and added it to their repertoire.
Then they began sharing the story of their escape, along with their music, at local churches and at the urging of others in 2001 named themselves The Freedom Singers.
The Freedom Singers are on tour through Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. in November and December, sharing their music and testimony in the hopes of inspiring others.

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