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Granum school pays tribute to departing Grade 9 students

granum grads

The Granum school Grade 9 class, from left: Micayla Kearl, Tyson Wilde, Willem Van Herk, Bernardo Friesen, Nico Fehr and Tyler Crane.

Seven was the lucky number last week at Granum school.
That’s how many Grade 9 students were celebrated June 2 as they completed their careers at Granum school.
Tyler Crane, Nico Fehr, Bernardo Friesen, Micayla Kearl, Levi Schulze, Willem Van Herk and Tyson Wilde formed the Grade 9 class saluted by staff members and family.
“Where Will I Be Tomorrow?” was the theme of the graduation ceremony at the school, which featured the presentation of awards and certificates.
One of the interesting features of a small Grade 9 class was featured during a presentation by principal Jason Clifton, who knows the students well and was able to provide anecdotes about each one.
“I’m proud to say I was one of their teachers,” Clifton said.
Nico Fehr thanked the Livingstone Range School Board, with Brad Toone responding on behalf of the trustees.
“Now that you have graduated from Granum, your adventure has just begun,” Toone told the students.
Willem Van Herk offered a thank you to the Granum school council on behalf of the Grade 9 class, with Kelli DeMaere responding.
“It was really nice to wach you all grow up,” DeMaere said.
Micayla Kearl thanked the teachers on behalf of her classmates, with Alanna Paskal responding.
“It’s been an honour to watch you grow and learn,” Paskal said.
Paskal urged the students to visit and to remember their educational roots.
“Even though you’re graduating from Grade 9, you’ll always be part of our school,” Paskal said.
Tyson Wilde thanked the parents on behalf of his classmates, with Crystal Wilde responding.
Wilde said although the students take a big step moving on to high school, their parents will still have time to help and love them.
“We want you to be happy and successful,” Wilde told the students, urging them to set goals, be responsible, adventurous and worthy and to lead by example. “We love you. We are proud of you.”
Guest speaker Therecia Van Driesten told the students they have been well taken care of by a loving, generous school staff.
Van Driesten, who was a teacher’s assistant at Granum school, urged the students to be brave, kind and friendly when they go to high school, and to resolve to make new friends.
Van Driesten told the students to be themselves, knowing that their true friends will stand behind them.
Van Driesten told the students to meet challenges head-on with a positive attitude.
“Be your own internal weather, and choose to be sunny, rather than cloudy,” Van Driesten said.
The following awards were presented:

  • • Eva Sherman Academic Award — Tyson Wilde and Willem Van Herk.
  • • Jeff Bryan Memorial Award — Tyson Wilde and Willem Van Herk.
  • • Minor Ball Athletic Award — Tyson Wilde.
  • • Art Fjordbotten Most Improved Award — Tyson Wilde.
  • • Red and White Award — Willem Van Herk.
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