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Livingstone Range School Board discusses trustee computers

Livingstone Range School Board will seek more information before determining what technology trustees will be provided to do their work.
The board discussed the evergreening of trustee computers at its December meeting meeting.
Livingstone Range director of learning and innovation Chad Kuzyk explained schools have a formalized program for upgrading computers and technology, but the trustees don’t.
Each trustee has a laptop computer, purchased for about $965 each in 2013. They are scheduled to receive new ones in 2017.
Kuzyk said it is important to know what trustees use these laptops for.
Kuzyk said in the division schools are moving to Chromebooks, which are tablets that are faster with all programs and information stored in the Cloud, which is an off-site server. Chromebooks are also more secure.
Trustee Shannon Scherger said she relies on her laptop to do her work because she does not have a reliable Internet connection at home.
Chromebooks rely on on-line connection to work.
Scherger said she needs something accessible and user-friendly.
The entire school division has also moved to a complete Google platform, utilizing all its services.
Trustees expressed an interest in learning more about the Google environment, because some had little experience with it.
Chairman Brad Toone suggested a Google training session be held for trustees in January, and in February the board look at device options.

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