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Livingstone Range School Division student enrollment shows rare increase

Preliminary enrollment in Livingstone Range School Division increased from last year, and is up from projections for the first time in a long time.
Associate superintendent for business services Jeff Perry presented the preliminary enrollment at the board’s Sept. 8 meeting.
“This is preliminary and preliminary by definition means not final,” Perry cautioned. “Come the end of September these numbers could be a little different.”
“They could go up, they could go down.”
The total enrollment as of Sept. 3 is 3,403.5 students and has increased by 22 full-time equivalent students from last year.
The enrollment has increased 138 students over projections.
Enrollment is calculated with each student from Grade 1 to 12 counted as one full-time equivalent (FTE) student, and Kindergarten students each counting as 0.5 FTE students.
The preliminary numbers break down as follows:
Fort Macleod
• W.A. Day school has 272.5 students, up 17.5 from projected, and down 4.5 from last year.
• F.P. Walshe school has 337 students, down three from projected, and down 14 from last year.

• Granum school has 70 students, up two from projected, and down 3.5 from last year.

• West Meadow school has 280.5 students, up 16 from projected, and up 5.5 from last year.
• Willow Creek Composite high school has 350 students, up 26 from projected, and up 13 from last year.

• Stavely school has 68 students, the same as projected, and up 3.5 from last year.

• A.B. Daley school has 193.5 students, 13 more than projected and down 3.5 from last year.
• J.T. Foster school has 217 students, up six from projected, and up 14 from last year.

Pincher Creek
• Canyon school has 248 students, up 15 from projected, and up one from last year.
• Matthew Halton school has 280 students, up 11.5 from projected, and up one from last year.

• Livingstone school has 167 students, eight fewer than projected, and 13.5 fewer than last year.

Crowsnest Pass
• Horace Allen school has 207 students, up 15.5 from projected, and up 21.5 from last year.
• Isabelle Sellon school has 150 students, up 16 from projected, and up 14 from last year.
• Crowsnest Consolidated high school has 306 students, up 11 from projected, and up eight from last year.

Outreach schools
• Outreach schools have 54 students, down six from projected, and down 20 from last year.
• Colony schools have 203 students, 5.5 more than projected, and down 0.5 from last year.

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