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Piikani Youth Education Foundation presents awards

The Piikani Youth Education Foundation recently held its annual awards night.
A large crowd of community members turned out at the new multi-purpose facility for the dinner and awards.
Entertainment was provided by That Don Cherry Guy.
The following awards were presented.
High school graduates
Piikani Nation high school — Cole Yellow Face, Jared Little Mustache, Todd Yellow Wings and Isaiah Wolf Tail.
Mathew Halton high school — Jade Crow Shoe, Adecia Fox Blood, Norman Eric Chase Healy, Jobey Little Mustache, Joshua North Peigan, Taylor Jade Smith and Geraldine Maggie Crow Shoe.
St. Michael’s school — Justice One Owl.
Victoria Parks high school — Hailey First Rider, Nicole Big Swan and Kayshja Eli.
Hardin high school — Andrea Stump.
F.P. Walshe and Walshe Crossroads Campus –Lucky David, Dasan Crow Shoe, Carleigh Grier-Stewart, Mary Many Bears, Connor Grier, Wilfred North Peigan, Tameka Four Horns, Aiden Orich Tanguay, Sustasha Yellow Wings and Joseph Jackson.
Catholic Central high school — Letitia Plain Eagle, Traven Weasel Traveller and Hillary Black Plume.
West Central high school — Jacey Bonertz.
Chinook high school — Kobe Eagle Speaker and Heddi Jo Good Rider.
T’suu T’ina high school — Mia Scott.
Great Falls high school — Deshawnte Red Young Man.
Post-secondary graduates
University of Lethbridge — Andrea Yellow Horn, Political Science; Angela Grier, Master of Education.
University Of Alberta — Omarla Cooke, Bachelor of Education; Toni Warrior, Bachelor of Education.
University of Denver — Chenoa Crow Show Patterson, Master of Social Work.
Lethbridge College — Tess Potts, Child Youth Care; Angela Provost, Early Childhood Education; Tashina White Cow, Business Administration Management; Delores Yellow Wings, Early Childhood Education; Zachary Big Swan, Welding Journeyman.
SAIT Polytechnic — Clay Yellow Horn, Mechanical Engineering.
Certificates — Adrienne Crow Shoe, Health Care Aide; Valerie North Peigan, Health Care Aide; Shawna Grier, Medical Receptionist; Hilda Warrior, Aboriginal and Family Youth Support.
Academic Awards
Grade 2 — Kyler Provost.
Grade 3 — Travis Bastien.
Grade 4 — Aidan Potts, Drayton Crow Shoe and Kiesha Stevens.
Grade 5 — Tammy Castor.
Grade 6 — Jerel Yellow Horn, Gavin Crow Shoe and Trinity White Cow.
Grade 7 — Brandi Yellow Wings, Natasha Woitte, Tailyn Potts, Tomika Andy-Crowshoe and Aubrey Old Crow.
Grade 8 — Elias Smith, Harlee Grier, Trityn Grier, Mackenzie Van Loon and Tre Potts.
Grade 9 — Quin Big Bull, Kinley Yellow Wings, Taylor Crow Shoe and Byron North Peigan.
Grade 10 — Tori Potts, Miranda Van Loon, Walker English and Stanley Morning Bull.
Grade 11 — Danica Crow and Micheal Big Bull.
Grade 12 — Jacey Bonertz, Isaiah Wolf Tail, Sorayya Strikes With A Gun and Joseph Jackson.
Post-Secondary Scholarship Awards
Certificate/Preparatory Upgrading — Hilda Warrior.
Trades/Technical — Zachary Yellow Horn, Riley Woitte and Wayne Provost, Lethbridge College; Robert McDougall and Clay Yellow Horn, SAIT Polytechnic; Jacy Warrior, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.
Undergraduate — Shastina Spear Chief, Andrea Yellow Horn, Tashina White Cow, Jennifer Potts and Melanie Weasel Bear, University of Lethbridge; Anna Yellow Horn and Suzanne Crazy Boy, Mount Royal University.
Piikani Language and Culture — Kylee North Peigan, Travis Bastien, Aidan Potts, Brandi Yellow Wings, Tailyn Potts, Natasha Woitte, Kinley Yellow Wings, Walker English, Tori Potts and Trey Shining Double.
Piikani Nation Princess — Lil Miss Piikani, Kylee North Peigan; Junior Miss Piikani, Georgia Bad Eagle; Senior Miss Piikani, Hayley Grier-Stewart.
Napi’s Playground Elementary School — Junior Princess, Tiffany Red Young Man; Senior Princess, Mercedes Bastien.
Special Recognition Awards — Tucker English, Tre Potts, Breelyn Old Crow, Stanley Morning Bull, Ashlyn Yellow Wings, Miranda Van Loon, Sadie Yellow Wings, Walker English, Kiesha Stevens, Tyran Holloway, Aidan Potts, Billy Potts, Haley Yellow Wings, Tori Potts, Tammy Castor, Micheal Big Bull, Trinity White Cow, Sorayya Strikes with A Gun, Tailyn Potts, Todd Yellow Wings, Natasha Woitte, Norman Eric Chase Healy, Brandi Yellow Wings, Isaiah Wolf Tail, Mackenzie Van Loon, Jonathon North Peigan, Matthew North Peigan and Trey Shining Double.
Literature and Fine Arts — Keegan Yellow Horn, Tailyn Potts and Shalen Iron Shirt.
Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills — Aubrey Old Crow, Tori Potts, Macyn Morning Bull, Anthony Crow Shoe and Isaiah Wolf Tail.
Special acknowledgement — Johnathon North Peigan, Adrienne Crow Shoe and Tristyn Grier.
Athletic awards — Ayrianna Monroe, Tucker English, Ashley Yellow Wings, Kylee North Peigan, Breelyn Old Crow , Travis Bastien Jr., Riley Potts, Aubrey Old Crow, Natasha Woitte, Ethan Grier, Elias Smith, Caitlyn Morning Bull, Taylor Crow Shoe, Mackenzie Van Loon and Harlee Grier
Team Awards
Piikani Nation Secondary School junior girls volleyball — Trinity Crazy Boy, Latoya Prairie Chicken, Alina Crow, Dawn Many Guns, Tailyn Potts and Cylyese Warrior.
Piikani Nation Secondary School junior boys basketball — Mathew North Peigan, Riley North Peigan, Josh Big Sorrel Horse, Brady Big Sorrel Horse, Carter Iron Shirt, Thunder Crow Shoe, Jerez Yellow Horn, Juwan Yellow Horn, Tate Warrior, Travis Little Mustache, Duke Plain Eagle, Treyton North Peigan, Tre Potts and Byron North Peigan.
Fort Macleod Pee Wee Mavericks — Gavin Crow Shoe, Thunder Crow Shoe, Ethan Grier, Shooter Smith and Brandi Yellow Wings.
Fort Macleod Bantam Mavericks — Brayden Smith, Elias Smith, Sienna Smith, Parker Small Legs, Triston Wells, Cauy Yellow Face and Calim Yellow Face.
Fort Macleod Novice Mavericks — Odessa Grier, Jack Grier, Hayden Provost and Jeter Provost.
Team individual — Macyn Morning Bull, Channer Yellow Horn, Tyis Yellow Horn and Caitlyn Morning Bull.
Pincher Creek Atom Chinooks — Aiden Potts, Riley Potts and Travis Bastien Jr.
Piikani Atoms — Travis Bastien, Riley Big Bull, Joaquin Four Horns, Malachai North Peigan, Aiden Potts, Riley Potts, Peyton Smith, Carson Smith, Maryann Smith and Everett Wolf Tail.
Piikani Pee Wees — Thunder Crow Shoe, Ethan Grier, Shooter Smith and Brandi Yellow Wings.
Piikani Pre Novice — Mathew Yellow Horn, Aiden Provost, Keyon White Cow, Manny Little Mustache, Cayle McDougall, Kayson Crow Shoe, Kylee North Peigan, Pacyn Four Horns, Leighton Provost, Tucker English, Keegan Yellow Horn, Breelyn Old Crow, Mackenzy Potts, Augustus Dixon and Mikayla Yellow Face.