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Review: The Execution, by Dick Wolf 2014

This is not a bad book. If you watch Law and Order on TV, you might find this crime novel right down your alley, or up your block. Why is that? It is because it was written by the man who invented the TV show and who has won Emmys and Grammys and an Edgar. He knows the business and has a pretty good grasp of the skills needed to write a book.
Mind you, his list of previous novels on the inside page has only one book on it. But he could be on a roll with NYPD detective Jeremy Fisk. Right on the front cover it says that this is “A Jeremy Fisk Novel,” which always indicates that a book is part of a hugely successful series.
Jeremy has a bit of PTSD. In his first adventure his girlfriend was murdered while he was bringing down a bad guy. Jeremy resents that and, while maintaining an outwardly cheerful demeanor, plots revenge in the bad guy, who is in prison for the rest of his life. It is a sub plot. Keep an eye out for it.
And there is a beautiful woman. She is Commandente Garza, a Mexican police person who has dedicated her life to catching the elusive Chuparosa, a shadowy criminal who deals in drugs and chops the head off many, many victims.
When a large number of dead people with their heads chopped off show up on a beach in New York, it looks like Chuparosa has come to the city to kill the Mexican president, who is in town for a conference. Fisk is deeply involved in the security for the event and naturally encounters Garza, who is guarding her president. They don’t get along.
But they have common interests, including making sure nobody important gets killed, and hunting down Chuparosa. After a rocky start, they learn to work together and even manage to (almost) become very friendly. And they catch the bad guy. Then they catch another. Sort of a tricky ending.
There is a great deal of information in the book about national security in the United States and how it is organized. But there is enough action to keep things moving. Jeremy Fisk may be on his way to the third book in the series.