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Tory leader Jim Prentice says Berger is right choice

Prentice and Evan Berger

Progressive Conservative Party leader Jim Prentice with Livingstone-Macleod candidate Evan Berger.

Progressive Conservative candidate Evan Berger got a ringing endorsement Saturday from his party’s leader.
Jim Prentice said Evan Berger is the right choice for voters on May 5 in the Livingstone-Macleod riding.
“Everywhere you go in this riding people know about Evan Berger,” Prentice said. “They know how hard he works and how much he cares about the community.”
Prentice was at Berger’s campaign headquarters in Claresholm on Saturday on a tour of southwestern Alberta that took him south on Highway 22 to the Crowsnest Pass and north on Highway 2 to Nanton.
Berger is a former MLA trying to win back his riding claimed in 2012 by Wildrose Party MLA Pat Stier.
“This riding is important, and we’re going to win this riding back,” Prentice told party supporters during his brief stop at Claresholm.
Berger, a 54-year-old Nanton rancher, was acclaimed as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the riding.
Berger’s decision to run again was fuelled in part by a feeling he has unfinished business in the Legislature, and also because he wants to work for people in the riding.
“I want to say how proud I am to be running with Jim as our leader,” Berger said. “Jim Prentice, to me, is the answer to what Alberta needs right now.”
“He has a plan, he has the focus, he has the drive,” Berger added. “He knows exactly where we need to go. He has that mapped out.”
Berger was the Livingstone-Macleod MLA from 2008-’12, and served as minister of agriculture and rural development under then-Premier Alison Redford.
While MLA, Berger was parliamentary assistant to Sustainable Resource Development Minister Ted Morton and sat on the cabinet policy committee on resources and the environment.
Berger also chaired the land use framework committee, served on the standing committee on resource and environment; the standing committee on privileges and elections, standing orders and printing; and the First Nations, Metis, Inuit workforce action plan committee.
Prior to running for the Progressive Conservative Party in 2008, Berger spent close to 16 years on MD of Willow Creek council.
During that time he spent nine years as reeve and spent six years as chair of the municipal planning commission and the agricultural service board.
Prentice said during his tour of Livingstone-Range it became clear that Berger is known and respected.
“Everywhere I go I hear about Evan, because Evan has done such good work in the constituency,” Prentice said. “Everywhere you go people respect him.”
“He’s the kind of person we need in elected office right now to get this province back on track,” Prentice said. “That’s what this election is about.”
Prentice said Berger has a strong work ethic which combined with his experience and passion for the community make him an outstanding candidate.
“After the last election I think people were sorry they lost him,” Prentice said.
Berger got a government job after he lost the election, something Prentice said will not hurt his chances in the election.
“From my perspective this election is about the fact the province is at a turning point,” Prentice said. “People are looking past that kind of stuff and are looking at the future of Alberta. This is a critical election.”
Prentice said Berger is the right kind of MLA to forward the party’s vision for strong rural communities.
That includes strong hospitals and schools, a strong agricultural sector and a diversified economy.
“Evan will be a great representative that everyone can be proud of,” Prentice said.

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  1. Mickey Sloot Says:

    Evan Berger would have had more credibility if he had turned down the patronage appointment he took after losing the last election. That proved he is just one more PC feeding at the trough on our tax dollars. Stick with Pat Stier, Livingstone-Macleod.