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Town of Fort Macleod’s legal costs top $100,000 for judicial review started by Mayor Rene Gendre

A judicial review filed by Mayor Rene Gendre has now cost the Town of Fort Macleod more than $100,000.
Interim chief administrative officer Jill Henderson provided council with an update on costs at the May 25 meeting at Fort Macleod RCMP Centennial Library.
Henderson told council the town’s lawyers submitted a bill totalling $40, 632.57 for work done in April.
That brings the total spent by the Town of Fort Macleod to $100,718.13 as of the end of April.
“There will still be additional charges as the court appearance is scheduled,” Henderson noted in her written report to council.
Gendre’s lawyers have presented their case before Justice K.D. Nixon.
The town’s lawyers are scheduled to make their presentation on Friday, June 26.
Gendre filed an affidavit in Court of Queen’s Bench in December in response to sanctions imposed on him by council.
Citing concerns with Gendre’s conduct as mayor, council removed him as chairman of meetings.
Council also removed Gendre from boards and committees to which he had been appointed after being elected mayor, and voted to remove Gendre as spokesman for council.
Council further stripped Gendre of the honorarium that is to be paid to the mayor, instead paying him a councillor’s honorarium, and removed his authority to sign by-laws and other legal documents on behalf of the Town of Fort Macleod.
Gendre was also stripped of authority to call special council meetings and to set up or attend meetings representing the town or council without prior approval by council.
Council later restored Gendre’s authority to call special meetings and sign by-laws.
Gendre on Dec. 18 filed the judicial review seeking a declaration that each of the resolutions and sanctions are invalid, and that legal costs be paid by the Town of Fort Macleod.