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Town of Fort Macleod’s sale of 320 acres clears another hurdle

virginia wishart

Economic development officer Virginia Wishart

The sale of 320 acres by the Town of Fort Macleod has cleared another hurdle.
Conditions on the sale of industrial land once designated for the police college were officially waived on April 29.
“We are all excited to help move this project forward once the land transfer has been completed with the buyer,” Town of Fort Macleod economic development officer Virginia Wishart said. “This is a big win for Fort Macleod.”
Town council in December accepted an $8.5-million offer following a special meeting.
“Our next steps will be to prepare all the final paperwork for the May 29 closing date,” Wishart said. “Everything is on track for the sale of the property to be completed by the end of this month.”
The identity of the buyer has not been disclosed while a legal review and due diligence takes place.
“We will provide more information as it becomes available,” Wishart said.
The provincial government planned to build the $122-million Alberta Public Security and Law Enforcement Training Centre on the 320-acre site in the southeast corner of Fort Macleod.
When Calgary and Edmonton police forces announced in August they would not train recruits in Fort Macleod, the Redford government cancelled the project.
The construction contract awarded, the design completed, the development permit issued, utility lines were being placed and construction crews were on site when Redford killed the project.
In 2013, the province paid the Town of Fort Macleod $10.26-million in compensation for the cancelled project.
The province compensated the Town of Fort Macleod for contract commitments, including $4.54-million for water and sewer; $454,950 for engineering for water and sewer; $341,000 for electrical service; $26,185 for electrical engineering; $63,200 for easement acquisition; $4,200 for highway crossing agreements; $600 for surveys; and $10,097 for miscellaneous costs.
The province gave the Town of Fort Macleod $4.18-million for costs associated with the waste water treatment plant built in part to support the police college project.
The town also got $102,343 to cover out of pocket expenses incurred since 2005.
In addition, the province returned to the town ownership of the 320-acre parcel.