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Willow Creek MD approves 2015 budget

The MD of Willow Creek has approved its 2015 operating and capital budget with an estimated surplus.
The budget was approved at council’s April 15 meeting with a total of $16,378,745 in revenue and $16,334,680 in expenses for a surplus of $44,065.
The operating budget projects revenues of $13,549,745 and expenses of $13,301,680.
Elected officials
The total budget is $385,480.
General administration
The general administration budget is $2,490,500, offset in part by $1,141,840 in revenue.
This budget includes everything from salary and benefits for office staff, and insurance, to office supplies and utilities, Internet, computers, auditing, Family and Community Support Services and much more.
There is $800,000 for an aerial ortho project, offset by $735,000 in revenue, and $89,500 for a municipal data sharing partnership, offset by $89,500 in revenue. Willow Creek is a managing partner for these programs which involves several municipalities.
There is also $30,000 for a flood mapping project.
Family and Community Support Services has a budget of $164,700, offset with $131,740 from a provincial grant, and $39,270 each going to Claresholm, Nanton and Fort Macleod; $32,463 going to Stavely; and $14,399 to Granum.
Information technology
Information technology has a budget of $292,000, offset in part with revenue of $66,130.
The fire department budgets are broken down by department.
The Claresholm budget is $101,250, offset by revenues of $35,000.
The Fort Macleod budget is $98,750, with $40,000 offset by revenue.
The Granum budget is $35,800 offset by $7,500 in revenue.
The Nanton budget is $99,350, offset by $40,000 in revenue.
The Stavely budget is $69,600, offset by $8,000 in revenue.
Disaster services
The disaster services budget is $1,714,800, offset by $1,680,000 in revenue from the provincial government’s Disaster Services Program.
This includes $744,700 in repairs to the George White bridge; $114,400 in repairs to the Spring Point bridge; $397,100 in repairs to Trout Creek road; and $424,600 in repairs to the Flying E road.
Physician recruitment
There is a physician recruitment and retention budget of $66,000.
Emergency services
The emergency services budget is $380,550.
Transportation budget
The public works budget totals $5,691,000, offset by $1,093,575 in revenue, including the rural transportation grant of $678,575.
This budget includes road construction and maintenance, training, fuel, and much more.
There is also $12,000 for transportation, with $5,000 for the Claresholm and District Transportation Society, $4,000 for Fort Macleod; and $3,000 for the Nanton Handibus.
Water development
The public utilities budget is $79,900, offset by $22,000 in revenue.
This budget includes the water system in Moon River Estates.
Waste disposal services
There is $90,000 for collections; $10,000 each to the towns of Nanton and Fort Macleod for recycling; $5,000 each to the towns of Granum and Stavely for recycling; $7,300 for a toxic round-up on May 23 in Claresholm; $39,550 in a requisition from the Willow Creek Regional Waste Management Services Commission; and $8,500 for monitoring costs associated with the closure of a landfill.
There is $15,000 total, with $3,000 sent to each community in the MD of Willow Creek.
Development control
The development control budget is $376,000, offset by $135,000 in revenue.
Agriculture Services Board
A total of $600,400 has been budgeted for the Agriculture Service Board and an additional $118,250 for the agricultural fieldman in equipment, salary and benefits, offset by revenues of $382,800.
This budget includes a $89,500 revenue and expense for the Leavings Water Co-op.
Recreation boards
Each recreation board in the municipality receives:

  • Fort Macleod, $50,000.
  • Granum, $15,500.
  • Claresholm, $25,000.
  • Stavely, $22,500.
  • Nanton, $50,000.

The 2015 Southern Alberta Summer Games hosted in Claresholm was given $12,500.
Each community is also given $1,000 for Canada Day celebrations.
Council has budgeted the following for parks:

  • Clear Lake Park, $71,850, offset by revenues of $17,000.
  • Pine Coulee Park, $91,150, offset by revenues of $90,000.
  • Willow Creek Park, $85,950, offset by revenues of $90,000.
  • John Zoeteman Park, $47,450, offset by revenues of $8,000.


Each library receives a base grant of $7,000, with a bonus based on usage, resulting in the following amounts:

  • Claresholm, $9,100 (bonus 35 per cent).
  • Fort Macleod, $9,340 (bonus 39 per cent).
  • Granum, $7,240 (bonus four per cent).
  • Nanton, $7,960 (bonus 16 per cent).
  • Stavely, $7,360 (bonus six per cent).

The MD of Willow Creek also pays $48,800 to be part of the Chinook Arch Regional Library System.
Capital budget
The total capital budget is $3,033,000, offset by $2,829,000 in revenue.
The biggest expenses are:

  • $185,000 for an administration building generator.
  • $150,000 for the purchase of medical response units.
  • $790,000 for equipment, broken down into $465,000 for a grader; $150,000 for a gravel truck; $35,000 for a pickup truck; $75,000 for a mower hub; $60,000 for a belly dump; and $5,000 for a Bobcat trade-in.
  • $100,000 for the west four-way stop road at SE-15-12-27-4 just southwest of Claresholm.
  • $100,000 for a road at SE-8-12-25-4 east of Claresholm.
  • $66,000 for physician recruitment.
  • $900,000 for airport water line and sewer.