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World Day of Prayer service planned

Holy Cross Church will host a World Day of Prayer service at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 5.
In Canada, the World Day of Prayer is co-ordinated by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada.
The World Day of Prayer has its roots in ecumenical day of prayer organized by women in Canada and the United States in 1920.
This event became the international World Day of Prayer in 1922 and Christians around the world began celebrating the event on the first Friday of March.
The women of the Bahamas wrote the service for the 2015 World Day of Prayer.
“Showing genuine interest in others is a positive step forward in maintaining unity among believers and reaching out to the community.”
With those words the woman of the Bahamas encapsulate World Day of Prayer.
The women of the Bahamas invite people around the world to join a celebration of their culture and history, their land and their legacy.
The sounds of the ocean breeze, of Junkanoo, of rake ‘n’ Scrape and the beat of a goombay drum leave us poised to listen for more.
The women of the Bahamas have stories to tell. Their stories begin with the question, Jesus said to them, “Do you know what I have done for you?”
Everyone is invited to attend the World Day of Prayer service to learn more about the Bahamas.
You will join Christians in more than 170 countries around the world and in 2,000 communities across Canada who will gather on World Day of Prayer to pray and act in solidarity with the people of the Bahamas.
For more information about the Fort Macleod World Day of Prayer service, call Evelyn McTrowe at 403-553-4236.