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Council allows water line on municipal land

MD of Willow Creek council cleared the way for a water line proposed by a local co-op.
Council decided if the co-op can’t secure approval to run a water line through private land, it can use municipal right-of-ways as long as they do not interfere with roads.
Council was updated by chief administrative officer Cynthia Vizzutti on the progress of an application to Alberta Environment for a water licence.
Vizzutti and the municipal district’s engineer met with representatives of Alberta Environment to discuss the application.
It was agreed the municipality will include the West Waterline Users in the licence.
They are the group of users who gave up land so the Town of Claresholm’s water line could run from Willow Creek through their land to town.
In return, these land owners could tap into the line for their own use.
When the Town of Claresholm started drawing its water from Pine Coulee west of Stavely and stopped drawing its water from Willow Creek it agreed to still provide water to those west water line users.
Vizzutti said when the MD of Willow Creek receives its water licence, these users will be included, and this will never be an issue again.
The engineer will get an estimated cost for build out of a water system proposed by the Leavings Water Co-op, whose members would tap into a treated water line running from Claresholm to Granum through the municipal district.
Approval is also needed from Alberta Transportation to run a water line under the highway.
Vizzutti explained the municipality will receive a preliminary water certificate, which allows development to start over the next 10 years.
The certificate means the water co-op gets water when they build out the water system.
If nothing happens in 10 years, they are back to square one.
Before the certificate is issued, modelling must be done to convert the number of acre feet from water used for irrigation to water used for domestic purposes.
In the meantime, Vizzutti said, a resolution was also required to let the co-op use municipal right-of-ways for their water system in the event they cannot secure permission from private land owners to run a line over their land.
Vizzutti added the licence contains 220 acre feet for 360 acres of land including the Claresholm Industrial Airport, and 150 acre feet for the water co-op.
Reeve Neil Wilson said this was good news because now development can start.