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Everyone has a role in keeping community safe

Fort Macleod Crime Prevention Advisory Committee wants to remind everyone that we all have a part to play in having a safe community.
There are small things you can do personally such as: lock your vehicle and house doors, control your pets, ensure your door light is working, and let the Town Office know when a street light is burned out.
There are times when you may need to call the RCMP.
There are two ways to get ahold of local RCMP — the complaint line and the administration line. If you find yourself in an emergency it is best to call 911.
The administration line is 403-553-7200 and can be used in all non-complaint situations. It is answered during business hours.
If you are calling with a complaint you can call 403-553-4406 which is answered 24 hours a day.
Calling the complaint line rather than the administration line streamlines the process and makes it easier to start the formal complaints process.
Once you have called the complaint line you will speak with a telecoms operator who will take your information and dispatch to an RCMP officer.
Depending on the situation an officer will either be dispatched to the location of the complaint or an officer will give you a call to discuss your complaint in further detail.
Once the officer has confirmed the details of your complaint you will be asked to make a statement.
It is important to remember that this is a critical step in the process as without a formal statement the RCMP have no recourse to follow up with your compliant or to process it though the judicial system.
Depending on the nature of the complaint you may be asked to appear in court. While making a formal statement and/or appearing in court are not necessarily things that people are eager to do, they are critical steps to ensuring that your complaint is addressed.
All of us play a part in a having a safe community. Make sure you play yours positively.