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F.P. Walshe student needs on-line votes for project

sidney wolff

F.P. Walshe school student Sidney Wolff with her Heritage Fair project on the TV show Corner Gas. Sidney is a finalist in a competition for a trip to Ottawa.

A Grade 8 student needs her community’s support to earn a trip to the nation’s capital.
F.P. Walshe school student Sidney Wolff is one of six southern Alberta youths competing in the Young Citizens Project.
Sidney placed first at the Heritage Fair at F.P. Walshe in April and then earned a ribbon of excellence at the Southern Alberta Regional Heritage Fair in Lethbridge.
Now Sidney’s project on the television show Corner Gas is a finalist in a contest in which 50 per cent of her mark comes from a panel of judges and the other 50 per cent from on-line voting.
Sidney said she chose Corner Gas because it is her favourite show and won the award for best Canadian comedy.
“A lot of other students chose events of the distant past but I wanted to show that Canada’s heritage is not just about wars and contentions but can be fun as well,” Sidney said of her choice.
In addition to enjoying the show, Sidney was inspired by its creator, comedian Brent Butt.
“He grew up in a small prairie town, like me, and made a big impact in Canada,” Sidney said. “He started as a drywaller but found he was talented in comedy. He decided to develop this talent and enrolled in a comedy school. In a month he was headlining in some of the top clubs in Toronto.”
Butt launched Corner Gas in 2004 and the show won other awards on top of being the Best Comedy.
“I know I can make a big impact in Canada as well even though I’m from a small, prairie town,” Sidney added.
Sidney was the only student from F.P. Walshe who attended the Southern Alberta Regional Heritage Fair hosted by the Galt Museum.
For this part of the competition Sidney turned her project into a video and submitted it to the Young Citizens Project board in Ottawa.
Sidney’s project can be viewed at
On-line voting continues until July 6.
“My favourite thing about the show are the inside jokes my family has about it,” Sidney said. “Something will remind us of an episode and we’ll quote a line from the show. No one around us knows what we’re talking about but we all laugh.”
“The show is great at showing Canadian humour. It has been supported by many famous Canadians like Stephen Harper, Darryl Sittler and Adrienne Clarkson, who have all had cameos on the show.”
The other southern Alberta students in the competition are from Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Milk River.
“I encourage everyone to get out and vote and support these students,” Galt Museum and Archives educator Belinda Crowson said. “The projects are incredibly well done and show the wonderful history work that students in schools across southern Alberta are doing.”
“This is due to the great work of the students but also couldn’t be done without the support and mentorship of teachers and parents.”

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