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Fort Macleod Art Club honors Lucy Bedingfield-Wehrfritz at annual show

lucy bedingfield wehrfritz

Lucy Bedingfield-Wehrfritz, shown here with one of her paintings, is the guest of honour at the Fort Macleod Art Club’s annual show and sale on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 14-15.

An accomplished artist who dedicated much of her life to inspiring creativity in others will be the focus this weekend of an art show in Fort Macleod.
Lucy Bedingfield-Wehrfritz is the guest of honour at the Fort Macleod Art Club‘s annual show and sale at the Scout Hall.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz is held in high esteem by her fellow members of the art club.
“She loves teaching children art and she gives art club members encouragement and new ideas with her critiques at our monthly meetings on the first Monday of the month at the Scout Hall,” art club member Evelyn McTrowe said.
The art show runs from 1-7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14 and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz and Margaret Gosling will demonstrate their art during the show and sale.
A talented artist and photographer, Bedingfield-Wehrfritz was born in Claresholm in 1927, and resides in Colonel Macleod Manor in Fort Macleod.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz dedicated her life to art, writing and teaching and has written three manuals to be given to art teachers which detail each of her paintings, photographs or sketches and tell the story behind each one.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz has three books, all of which she has written and bound by hand, and each page shows another scanned photo of a piece of artwork she has completed.
“Art is just inside of me,” Bedingfield-Wehrfritz said when she announced the high school scholarships awarded each year in her name, adding it’s been her passion all her life and it’s been her gift from God.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz’s talents were recognized from the time she was a small child, and while she was a high school dropout she didn’t let it get in her way.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz took a course in photography in her late teenage years, and later went back to school when she was 40, after working at a studio for 15 years.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz finished high school, graduated, then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Education degree in 1972, and a Master’s degree in education in 1977.
Throughout her life, Bedingfield-Wehrfritz taught school, and in her late 1960s went back to the University of Alberta for more courses.
Bedingfield-Wehrfritz developed an extensive portfolio but lost much of her work in a fire. She continued working and has built up a strong collection.
Seven years ago, Bedingfield-Wehrfritz established a scholarship fund that sees six $2,000 scholarships presented each year to Grade 12 students from Fort Macleod, Claresholm and Granum who will study artistic or vocational education.
Established in 1980, the first meeting of the Fort Macleod Art Club was held at the home of Dorothy DeBoer. Early members included Irene McCaugherty, Winnie Lockard, Dora Story, Flory Fraser, Sippy Meindertsma, Adri Reimers, Lilly Middleton, Edith Seal and Grace Skelding.
Present members are Lucy Bedingfield-Wehrfritz, Dena Carlson, Heather Dodd, Flory Fraser, Margaret Gosling, Renilda Kemp, Sheila Macklin, Evelyn McTrowe, Adri Reimers, Judy Taylor and Dwight Taylor.
Fort Macleod Art Club now meets the first Monday of every month at the Scout Hall, where members give lessons and people have the opportunity to paint for two hours, followed by lunch and a meeting.
In recent years the club has hosted workshops in subjects such as watercolour, mixed media, acrylics and photography. Workshop leaders include Anne McClelland, Don Opp, Julie Strong, Karen Richter, Laura Anderson-Stuart and Bob Croskery.
The Fort Macleod Art Club’s work has been displayed at the Fort Macleod Arts Building on Main Street, the Empress Theatre office, Fort Macleod Health Centre, doctors’ offices, Fort Macleod Agencies and Chinook Financial.

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