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Fort Macleod singer-songwriter Kris Goodfellow records own songs, and It’s About Time

kris goodfellow

Kris Goodfellow performing on the stage of the Empress Theatre in this photo from The Macleod Gazette’s archive.

FORT MACLEOD — Kris Goodfellow knew it was time to get into the studio.
Goodfellow, 24, has been creating music since his days as a drummer in the F.P. Walshe school band and later on keyboard with the Sophmore Jakes.
So with the encouragement of friends and support of fellow musicians, Goodfellow recorded a three-song extended play or EP titled It’s About Time.
“It was a nice way to get a couple of songs that I had written a while ago produced without having to commit too much time to the recording process,” Goodfellow said of producing the EP as Every Ounce.
“I felt that the name Every Ounce embodied the type of music I wanted to make, in that I put all the effort I could into creating it,” Goodfellow explained. “The EP title It’s About Time is actually kind of an inside joke with Stephanie Savage who sang on a couple of the track. She would always bug me asking when I would finally record some of my songs.”
Goodfellow doesn’t have to apologize for taking this long to record his music — he juggles a busy schedule.
Goodfellow is a full-time student at the University of Lethbridge where he is finishing a Bachelor of Science degree. He is studying neuroscience, with plans to become a doctor.
When not in school, Goodfellow can be found at work in the Town of Fort Macleod parks and recreation department, or as director of cinema at the Empress Theatre.
Despite juggling two jobs and full-time studies, music has remained a constant in Goodfellow’s life ever since he was drumming in Rick Bullock’s bands at F.P. Walshe school.
After graduating from high school, Goodfellow joined the Fort Macleod band Sophmore Jakes with Ryland Moranz, Geoff Markey and his brother Jesse Goodfellow.
“My brother was drumming for them at the time so I ended up teaching myself to play keyboard for the band,” Kris Goodfellow said. “During my time in Sophmore Jakes I began singing, learning guitar and a little bit of bass. This allowed me to continue writing and playing music after Sophmore broke up.”
It was after the Sophmore Jakes broke up that Goodfellow started thinking about recording his own songs.
“Due to school, work and other hobbies it took a while to get around to it, although during that time I continued writing new songs,” Goodfellow said.
Goodfellow cites many influences for his own music, ranging from rock bands to classical composers. The bands that had the greatest influence on the songs for It’s About Time are Four Year Strong, Knuckle Puck, Owl City, and Yellow Card.
Other musical influences can be found in his home town of Fort Macleod.
“Since I was young I always looked up to Ryland Moranz and his passion for music,” Goodfellow said of another Fort Macleod singer-songwriter, who since leaving Sophmore Jakes has recorded a CD of his own music while also playing with Leeroy Stagger’s band. “He was one of the first people to introduce me to the punk/rock genre. Also artists like John Wort Hannam, due to his creativity and being able to find a song in almost anything.”
It’s About Time was recorded at the studio at the University of Lethbridge, where Goodfellow’s friend Cody McManus is a student in the digital arts program.
The songs on It’s About Time share influences from Goodfellow’s days with Sophmore Jakes.
He wrote the song Sleepless Nights as a member of Sophmore Jakes but the band broke up before Goodfellow could present it.
“It was one of my favourite songs out of the ones I had written because of its high energy and jumpy feel,” Goodfellow said.
The break-up of Sophmore Jakes inspired another song on the EP, Finding the Cracks, which Goodfellow said “has a bit of a darker tone to it.”
Before You Came Along (The Wedding Song) was also for the Sophmore Jakes. Goodfellow wrote it for a friend who was getting married, but it was never released.
“I always loved the song and it held a lot of meaning behind it, so I wanted to get it recorded,” Goodfellow said.
When Goodfellow went into the studio to record the EP he enlisted musician friends to play, including Tyler Holt on lead guitar, his brother Jesse on drums and Geoff Markey on bass.
“Every person who came in to collaborate on this EP is an amazing musician,” Goodfellow said. “I chose them because each of them brought something different to the songs that made them even better than I could have imagined. It was also great to create music with a group of close friends.”
Goodfellow turned to friends Ryland Moranz, Tel Sillito and Stephanie Savage to lend their voices to the songs on It’s About Time.
“Since Sophmore Jakes broke up I had kind of already talked to Ryland about singing with me on a future project,” Goodfellow said. “For The Wedding Song, we had actually written it with Stephanie in mind to sing the second part and then it just worked out really well that she wanted to jump in on a couple parts that I thought she would sound great on.”
“And Tel has been around since Sophmore Jakes, doing his own projects and after hearing and helping out where I could with some of his work I thought he would sound great on Sleepless Nights.”
Goodfellow, who had an idea for the EP cover, enlisted the help of Moranz, who designed the final cover.
“I just hope that everyone enjoyed the EP as much as I did making it.”
It’s About Time is available on iTunes, the Google Play Store, streaming sources, such as Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody and other on-line music stores.
With one EP to his credit, Goodfellow will return to the studio in September to record another one.