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Jacqueline Pratte releases debut CD

jak pratte

Jacqueline Pratte

Jacqueline Pratte album

Jacqueline Pratte recently released her debut CD ‘Ignition.’

Jacqueline Pratt realized a childhood dream this month with the release of her first CD.
Ignition is a collection of original songs and covers Pratte, who is from Fort Macleod, recorded at Happy Note Studios in Berkeley, California.
Pratte, who is known to friends and family as Jake, admitted to a range of emotions when she heard the completed CD for the first time.
“I sobbed like a baby the first listen through my physical CD when they arrived,” Pratte said. “It’s impossible to describe in words the emotional tsunami that washed through me. This was a realized childhood dream, created first by a little girl with stars in her eyes, 3 1/2 decades ago.”
It was while performing on cruise ships that it was suggested to Pratte she record a CD.
Last March, Pratte launched a campaign on Kickstarter and raised $25,000 in 28 days.
“I was nearly overwhelmed a few times, though kept plugging away with hope and positivity to successfully reach my target,” Pratte said, adding the campaign proved an interesting challenge. “I’m super grateful to the 138 generous backers who believed in me and my dream. Ignition is a creation made possible by some amazing people.”
Gary Platt recorded, produced, mixed and mastered Ignition at Happy Note Studios between May and August.
Pratte described the production on the album as “awesome” and said it provides a good introduction to her musical flavor and vocal style.
“I was incredibly fortunate to have Gary as my producer, not only for his mastery of his art, but he also generously provided a small room at the back of the studio for me to stay during the months recording,” Pratte said. “A lovely Kindergarten teacher in Albany, California provided me sanctuary for the last 10 days of my campaign during the most stressful last moments before I moved into the studio.”
Pratte also credited the support of friends, family and fans for keeping her going throughout the fund-raising campaign and recording the CD.
“I’ll be forever grateful,” Pratte said. “It’s been a powerful experience.”
Pratte planned to record a singer-songwriter, acoustic album of original music but the project evolved.
“It still showcases two of my compositions,” Pratte said. “I wanted it to be organic no matter what direction we took so I chose to have no electric guitar or standard drum kits on the album. I also knew that I wanted tribal percussion throughout, as the varying, pulsing heartbeat of the album.”
For example, 008: Girl Named Jake, which is a medley of songs from James Bond films, and Dela both had original, base arrangements created, over which acoustic instruments and vocal were recorded.
Bound to You and You’re the Voice had extra strings added by an arranger at the end to enrich their sound.
Listeners will hear piano, African percussion, saxophone, acoustic guitar, upright and electric bass, harp, violin, dobro, wooden native flutes and harmonica.
“I have a tendency to perform a wide variety of genres and this album expresses me well, ranging from blues to jazz, pop to rock, and blue-eyed soul to singer-songwriter,” Pratte said. “It became far more epic than originally planned, however I’m excited about the finished product.”
Pratte is invigorated by the process of choosing songs, recording in the studio and views the CD as a way to charge her music career.
“It’s time to take on a new dream to explore where this album may take me,” Pratte said. “All I ever wanted was a solid, studio album that represented who I am musically, and Ignition fulfills that and more.”
Pratte hopes to tour Ignition in the new year, both in Canada and internationally, but admits she has no firm plans for her music career in 2017.
“I only recently realized that my childhood dream ended with ‘grin on face with CD in hand’,” Pratte aid. “There are lots of possibilities on my horizon including returning to perform on cruise ships for a few more contracts to spread my album.”
“I’d prefer an international hotel gig, or even more amazingly, some corporate, hotel, casino and private work in Alberta so I can enjoy being home for a while. Now that I have the album, I’m beginning to explore all the possibilities for 2017.”
Fans can stay up-to-date at or on Pratte’s Facebook page.
Ignition is available at Pratte’s Web site and at The Macleod Gazette office.

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