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‘Love That Fiddle’ will take people back to a simpler time

scott woods

Scott Woods brings his show ‘Love That Fiddle’ to Fort Macleod on June 4. The concert is a fund-raiser for the new gym at W.A. Day school and Fort McMurray fire relief.

Scott Woods and his fiddle return to Fort Macleod on Saturday, June 4 for the eighth straight year, bringing an entirely new show.
Fiddle fans can look forward to new songs and a new collection of talented musicians when the band takes the stage at Fort Macleod and District Community Hall.
And while people can sit back, relax and enjoy the music, they have a role to play too.
“What really keeps us going is the audience — the adrenaline we get when we connect,” Woods said last week in a telephone interview from Melfort, Sask., where the band was getting ready for a show.
Audiences in Fort Macleod have typically provided that connection, smiling when they recognize a song or nodding when it stirs a memory.
“We feed off that,” Woods said. “Hopefully something will touch everyone in the course of our show.”
A portion of the proceeds from the show were originally going to Holy Cross Church, but organizer Harvey Bourassa is now directing the money to Fort McMurray fire relief.
Half the proceeds will go to the gymnasium expansion project at W.A. Day school.
Fort Macleod isn’t alone in directing profits from the Scott Woods show.
Proceeds from three shows in the Edmonton area will be directed to fire relief efforts, and people from Fort McMurray who turn out will be given free tickets.
“Hopefully they will come and be entertained and get their minds off their problems for a while,” Woods said.
Woods and his band were touched personally by the fire. The guitar player’s wife works at Fort McMurray, staying with her sister, and like the rest of the city had to evacuate.
“Love That Fiddle,” is the theme of the 2016 show, which Woods said is a nod not only to his own love of the music but also to the instrument itself.
“The fiddle represents a simplicity of life that some people are looking for,” Woods said. “The fiddle was the instrument of the pioneers, the people who built this country.”
Woods said people tell them they would like to dump their cell phones and computers — along with a hectic lifestyle — and return to a simpler way of life.
Woods and his band don’t have a time machine, but their music can transport people in heir minds to a simpler time, at least for a few hours.
Western swing music shows up in the 2016 show in the form of tunes made famous by Bob Wills — Take Me Back to Texas and San Antonio Rose.
“I love western swing,” Woods said.
Woods is joined on the tour by his sister Kendra Norris, who plays fiddle, clarinet, saxophone and accordion.
Like her brother, Norris is an accomplished musician as a multiple winner of the Canadian Open Fiddle Competition.
Woods and Norris are three-time winners of the Canadian Open Duet Fiddling Class, and will play a few songs together in Fort Macleod.
Patrick Linton, who joined the tour as step dancer, guitarist, drummer and vocalist, is a big Johnny Cash fan and will sing some of his songs, such as I Was There When it Happened.
A song made popular by Johnny Cash’s wife June Carter — Jukebox Blues — is also on the program.
Woods will perform two new songs he wrote, one for his two dogs and one for his father- and mother-in-law.
Lead guitarist Steve Piticco, who has won several Canadian Country Music Association awards, will play a couple instrumentals.
Bluegrass will have an influence on the music, through Gary Boles, who plays upright bass and sings.
Rounding out the band for its present tour is drummer Wes Daymond.
In addition to the music, Woods will perform the trick fiddling that has earned him fame — playing while performing a somersault, while standing on a rolling barrel, and with the fiddle behind his back.
Over the seven years that Harvey Bourassa has organized a performance by Woods, ticket sales have averaged 468 per year.
The concerts have raised a total of $29,959, which after expenses were paid meant $21,969 went to Fort Macleod and district organizations.
Bourassa plans to step down as concert chairman after the 2016 show and would like to go out with a sell-out crowd.
Tickets are available by calling Harvey Bourassa at 403-553-3822; Charlotte Balkham at 403-553-3291; Annette Seymour at 403-625-4118; Elaine Erick at 403-553-3147; Travis Doyle at 403-553-3059; Blanche and Rick Lemire at 403-627-2963 or Family and Community Support Services at 403-553-4491.