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Postal service could end July 2

Post office workers in Fort Macleod could be off the job as early as Saturday, July 2.
About 50,000 Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) members could be locked out or strike if a contract agreement is not reached by June 30.
Eight-thousand rural postal workers have been without a contract since the end of December and 42,000 urban workers have been without a contract since the end of January.
Concilliators appointed April 11 by the federal government were given 60 days to reach an agreement.
When that didn’t happen by June 10, Canada Post and the union entered a 21-day “cooling off” period before a strike or lockout can occur.
In the event of a full labour disruption, Canada Post will not operate.
Mail and parcels will not be delivered, and no new items will be accepted.
Any mail and parcels within the postal system during a work disruption will be secured and delivered as quickly as possible once operations resume.

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  1. Lee Smith Says:

    With the strike from Canada Post looming most Canadian Mailers are feeling very vulnerable. Canada Post has such a large share of the parcel market it is difficult for the other carriers to pick up the slack effectively.

    The other carriers are rightly focusing on meeting the needs of their current customers. They are also asking for long term agreements from new signees with Claw-back clauses (if you leave early, you have to pay a penalty).

    What is a shipper to do? The answer is become educated. See shipping as a commodity that it is and be in charge of your supply chain.

    Here is a link to some tools that you can utilize to better manage your courier and your courier spend.