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Review: A Devil is Waiting, by Jack Higgins

Higgins (aka Harry Patterson) has been a household name ever since The Eagle Has Landed, which was a long time ago.
This isn’t even his most recent book and today’s book report is intended as a reminder for those readers who may have let Higgins slip from their conscious awareness.
And it could be useful for the guy who lives in the shack just outside Etzikom and has minimal contact with the outside world.
Higgins writes in a good, straight-forward style. Things move right along and one can rest assured that the bad guys will suffer and the good guys won’t. Maybe one of the team will get shot, but it will be a through-and-through flesh wound. And there will be morphine and bandages in the trunk of the car. No problem.
The bad guys also have a problem with bad luck, which helps. Sara and Daniel, for example, should have wound up in the Thames when their brake line was cut. But they were saved when the car slid into a bollard. (Reminder . . . look up bollard in the dictionary.)
And when Sara was attacked on the street, it just happened that Daniel was on his way to her house and saved the day. When the bad guys were putting the Semtex under the car, the cat tripped the outside light, exposing them and their nefarious scheme.
Okay . . . the plot. This is about Ali Selim, a revered religious man who is secretly working for Al Qaeda. He has a whole network of average people who have been blackmailed into carrying out various plots on his behalf.
Sara and Daniel are military veterans who have been seconded into the prime minister’s secret army that has been set up to combat guys like Selim. They and their team are tough and take no prisoners.
There is a great deal of flying from place to place, much gunfire and many explosions. Sara and Daniel fall in love, even though he is 20 years her senior. Good reading.

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