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Southern Alberta dairy farm to host free breakfast

Fort Macleod residents are invited to a free breakfast at one of the places where food is created.
Van Iron Farms in Iron Springs is the site of “Breakfast on the Dairy Farm” on Saturday, Aug. 6 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.
The breakfast and barn tour is hosted by the Green Acres Holstein Club and Alberta Milk, with help from 4-H.
The event is intended to show people an example of where Canadian dairy products begin their journey to the refrigerator.
“Over 500 people showed up to the central Alberta event in June, so the appeal is definitely there,” Alberta Milk general manager Mike Southwood said in a news release. “Consumers want to know more about the dairy products they buy and Alberta dairy farmers are happy to share the journey of milk.”
Farm owner Gerrit van Asch has dairy farming roots that date back 100 years.
The van Asch family moved to Alberta from Holland in 1995 to start Van Iron Farms.
Van Iron Farms has 138 milking cows, 122 heifers, 28 dry cows and two bulls.
Gerrit van Asch said it is important to provide consumers with more information about food.
“Growing up on a farm in Holland, I realized at a young age that it was my calling to be a dairy farmer,” van Asch said. “If visitors leave my farm feeling more assured about the dairy that they buy, I’m happy.”
“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about farming and much of it does not accurately depict the unique practices of the Canadian dairy industry.”
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