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Cameo: Thanks, Miss Brown

“Thanks, Miss Brown!” A letter from Vancouver included a contribution to our “digitizing project.”
In about 1956 Craig Ainscough attended Annora Brown’s art classes in the Macleod high school basement. He then studied at the Alberta College of Art, and is now retired from working in the field of commercial art as a painter, illustrator and cartoonist.
“When I was 10 years old,” he wrote in a thank you letter to Annora years ago, “I became part of your art group . . . Mostly we painted flowers . . . and I kept asking for something else. Finally we had a night when we could choose to paint whatever we liked . . . I painted a World War Two Sherman tank with guns blazing . . . Poor Miss Brown! But I really appreciated the things you taught me.”
This is but one example of numerous stories I’ve heard from people who appreciated what she taught, and memories from those who had a grandparent participate in her classes.
Others have had paintings by Annora refreshed and reframed when their appreciation for her life and work was rekindled.
There was also a commentary posted on the Web site by great nephew Ward Brown in response to the story “Annora Brown: Conservation through art.”
Ward wrote, “I just wanted to take time to say thank you for the in-depth research that you have performed in the writing of this submission. Annora was my great aunt. I had the pleasure of knowing her and visiting with her many times either at my childhood home or one of her residences. She was a unique person who loved to teach. And yes, she was very deaf.”
By early September we will be able to view those 260 paintings that have been kept in the Glenbow archives (
For more than 35 years Annora Brown spent her time capturing glimpses of our landscape, celebrating the culture and art of the Blackfoot people, and inviting us to discover how our spirits can be nurtured by the world around us.
(For Annora Brown’s life and work stories visit “Annora Brown.”)

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