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Thompson Hutterite Colony approved for gravel pit

The Thompson Hutterite Colony near Glenwood has been approved for a zoning change for its plan to create a Class 1 sand and gravel extraction business on 42.7 acres on the east half of 34-5-27-4.
MD of Willow Creek council voted for a zoning change from rural general to rural industrial at last Wednesday’s regular meeting.
Two councillors who have gravel pits on their own land, Henry Van Hierden and Ian Sundquist, removed themselves from the discussion so as not to be in a conflict of interest.
A conflict of interest, or even to be seen in a conflict of interest, is deemed to be there if a financial gain or loss could result from a council decision.
A requirement will be for the gravel pit to have a five metre setback from Black Fat Creek, a seasonal creek that runs through the property.
Other requirements include a water truck to keep dust down and in times of high winds work in the gravel pit is to be shut down until wind speeds abate.
There is one residence about one half mile to the north of the planned gravel pit.

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