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Web site helps parents manage common childhood illnesses

A new Web site is now on-line that will help parents manage common childhood illnesses that don’t require treatment in an emergency department.
Developed by a team of emergency doctors and clinicians, the HEAL (Health Education and Learning) Web site aims to provide families across Alberta with easily accessible, reliable information about common minor illnesses in children.
Information on croup, coughs, common colds, ear pain, nosebleeds, head injuries, vomiting and diarrhea, fever, febrile seizures and rashes is available on the site, including a detailed description of the illness, symptoms, treatment, and when to seek immediate medical attention.
The HEAL Web site also contains videos about emergency staff, as well as what to expect when coming to the hospital, to make both parents and patients more comfortable with their hospital experience.
The new Web site is also connected with the Know Your Options campaign, an Alberta Health Services’ initiative, that helps educate Albertans about the various health care options in their communities and provides accurate information on how to get the right care in the right place.
The Web site has been reviewed by staff and families to ensure it is user-friendly, understandable and easy to navigate.
The information is also available in a mobile-friendly format so parents and families can access it from any device.
Visit HEAL at or

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