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Blood Tribe adopts trespassing by-law

Blood Tribe Council has implemented a trespassing by-law to block drug dealers from the community.
Effective April 13, Blood Tribe Police can remove and charge people trespassing on the reserve.
Anyone who is not a Blood Tribe member found on the reserve is considered to be trespassing, unless they can prove otherwise.
In a news release last week council said the intent of the by-law and regulations are not to punish or control people who are invited onto the reserve and are not creating problems.
The by-law is considered a method to identify people who do not have permission to be on the reserve, and to crack down on drug trafficking.
The Blood Tribe will issue permits that will provide individuals or businesses with authorization to be on the reserve for specific purposes.
Blood Tribe members do not require a permit.
The permits that may be applied for by non‐Blood Tribe members are:

  1. Residential permits.
    A residency permit is required for anyone who resides on the Blood Reserve and is not a Blood Tribe member, including spouses and children under the age of 18.
  2. Entry permits.
    Entry permits may be applied for annual, season, specific or day purposes by non-Blood Tribe members conducting lawful activities on the reserve.
    Entry permits shall be issued either annually, for a specified time period or as a day pass.

People attending public activities such as sports activities including hockey and rodeos, pow wows and school events or businesses authorized by council do not require a permit.
Contact the Blood Tribe administration office at 403-737-3753 for information.

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