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Fort Macleod residents urged to conserve water during hot spell

With no relief in sight from the hot, dry conditions, Fort Macleod residents could soon be facing severe water restrictions.
If hot temperatures persist and no rain falls in the next week, the Town of Fort Macleod will have to enforce Level 1 restrictions on water use.
“We’re no different than any other parts of Alberta,” town of Fort Macleod chief administrative officer Sue Keenan said. “We’re very dry.”
Fort Macleod residents are urged to obey the town’s by-law, which designates which days people can water lawns and gardens.
The by-law also prohibits watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
“The reservoir is okay for the moment, but if this weather keeps up for the next week or two we may go to Level 1 and Level 2,” Keenan said.
A Level 1 restriction means people can’t water their lawns, wash their cars, use water toys and are urged to generally conserve water.
“It’s a bit more rigid,” Keenan said.
Continued dry conditions will see the town move to a Level 2 restriction which means the spray park and pool are closed and outdoor watering is prohibited, and bulk sales are shut down.
“I’m hoping we’re not going to get to that,” Keenan said. “I know some communities already are, just because of their access to water.”
The town’s community peace officers are conducting patrols to remind people against daytime watering.
The forecast is for continued hot, dry weather.
“We’re just holding our breath,” Keenan added. “We’re pretty fortunate in Alberta we don’t have the same situation as B.C. with the wildfires.”
A complete outdoor fire ban is in place in the Town of Fort Macleod and MD of Willow Creek.

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